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How Do You Carry Your S2K?

I started with that case or one virtually identical to it and sometimes still use it although attachments to the M-Lok side rails of my gun mean it is now a tight fit. I discarded the bottom foam section and replaced it with two layers of 7/8 inch thick Kaizen foam, something pretty much everyone here swears by. I personally prefer working with two layers of thinner foam or a layer of Kaizen foam on top of an existing layer of pick-and-pluck to get a nice tight custom look.

Here is the original version with the gun in place:

And here is the current version:

I have since replaced the Plano with the heavier but still inexpensive case from Harbor Freight shown below:

All of my cases have this sign on them in hopes of deterring casual theft:


See my post above re where to purchase the foam. I have not found any place in the Louisville area that carries it.

Regarding your questions above and as you can see from the photos, two 7/8 inch thick pieces adequately fill the bottom section. You do not need a full two inches as the egg crate top will be compressing and holding everything in place anyway. You just need enough height to make your cutouts to restrict lateral movement.


my case not bulging on sides. will look at the harbor freight to see what they carry too. msg mike at ft benning


@MSGMedicMike For a possible Harbor Freight Case Configuration see photo above. You will see it holds a lot. If you buy one, be sure to use the 20% off coupon or catch it on sale. It is a really strong case and comes with pick and pluck foam.

I removed a 1" of so thick layer of regular foam from the very bottom which then allowed me to place a layer of Kaizen foam on top of the pick and pluck. I could then cut the detailed outlines in the Kaizen and pull or cut the pick and pluck beneath where things needed to go deeper.


mine fits in my backpack ready to go


Picked up this Ruger sling pack a few months back.
Kinda forgot about it for a while. Sub fits nicely, though.


#talonsei #s2k

He’s got 360k subs. 30k views on this vid in 1 week.

@ChrisNelson Send him an M-Series w/ the Optic Mount for a review!


@ValorSolo I like the fit. Only problem is it says Ruger on it. If left in the back seat of the car while you went into a school, some teen may be looking in windows and see a gem to break a window for. I am looking for something less tempting to a casual eye. Something not a hard case to look like tools, nor camo to scream “tactical”, not computer bag to shout “valuable”. Something that says “kids books” when you look at it. But doesn’t look like rainbows and unicorns either. Not an easy quest.




I have a Glock Range bag. Going to have to wait and see what happens when I install the hinge mount and optics?


@Gatekeeper Maybe a Jansport backpack?


@Gatekeeper I still like the Nerve Agent transport stickers I use on my hard cases. There is enough information there that if someone actually calls a first responder who Googles the references they will quickly see the “Resident Evil” references and conclude it is probably harmless.

But for someone strolling by and quickly glancing for targets of opportunity, it should be a deterrent - unless they are looking for a WMD.


@Gatekeeper I am a big fan of tinted windows on a vehicle and the use of a sun shade in the front window when parked. This makes everything in the vehicle harder to see when walking by. I also keep a bed sheet in the vehicle the same color as the interior to throw over things that need not be seen. My motto is “out of sight, out of mind”. Any bag you keep your weapon in should not “look” tactical.


I totally agree it’s not discreet at all. Kinda screams “gun!” but everything fits so perfect.
I usually carry my sub in a soft laptop case, with my laptop, when I’m trying to be discreet.
I like carrying it in the Ruger pack to work, where everyone already knows I’m carrying. LoL
A more discreet sling pack, with the same dimensions, but less obvious, would be ideal.


I should have a piece of extension cord sticking out of mine so when people ask I can tell them it is my charging cord for my hybrid car… :relaxed:


one of dease :innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
personally i use a bio-hazard bag inside the clear envelope on the front of my bag(got a whole roll of the things left over when they were transporting my blood and SPF samples. who knew they would come in handy


LOL :rofl::joy: LoL LoL :joy::rofl:


@Partsed “I should have a piece of extension cord sticking out of mine so when people ask I can tell them it is my charging cord for my hybrid car…”

Actually, that gives me a thought (which is always a dangerous thing). If you must keep a firearm in the vehicle, why not take a hard case and mock up the outside as a portable Jump Starter/Booster? Nobody would give it a second look. Something like this with the length adapted to your case:

You could actually attach cables or simply glue on a fake plug cover and leave them lying next to the “Booster”.

If you don’t want to go to that much trouble, just label the case as a set of heavy duty jumper cables, hydraulic jack, etc.


if yer going to do it, go all the way i always say… would work with a batt charger case


Got my new muzzle brake on today. Friend had an older case he traded me for the Redhead I had. This one is a little bigger and despite the bad perspective in the photo, the rifle fits perfectly in the older case. It’s a Gun Guard case.


If I can see anyone on the Forum building a briefcase gun it would be you. :imp:

“The name is Bond…Buck Bond, with the Bayou Secret Service”

“A Walther PPK?” “I think not. I’ll stick with my 9 X 18 Makarov, thank you.”