How Do You Carry Your S2K?

#246 they work well. from utv’s to the biggest pickups.
center lock overhead gun rack. the 2 Tact gun version in my land rover was made for a jeep. $179, from summit racing…


Just stopped at Academy Sports. They had an 18" Plano “tactical” 2 gun hardsided case that was 17.6 x 10.5 x 3.5 (inner dimensions) model 1071800 for 19.99. It fits the SUB2000 with 4 mags and a truglo red dot just perfectly. Has 2 substantial latches and can be padlocked.


Welcome Ky, a fellow Commonwealth resident?


Yep! Born and bred in the land of 11 herbs and spices. LOL


Seems there are more than a few of us here. Purty soon, shoes will be optional in the Forum, folks will learn why the Headhunters sung about Ski instead of Mountain Dew and scrambled eggs and squirrel brains will be on the menu. :grinning: You know what I’m talking about too @KYSub2K and welcome to the Forum.

I was talking to my cousin at a funeral yesterday and he recounted visited his Grandmother with dementia. She didn’t recognize him until he reminded her that he was the one who had shot and brought her a mess of 10 squirrels; 9 of which he had killed with head shots. He was proud of himself for saving so much meat intact but that jogged her memory and she remembered him as the one who “ruint all them squirrels.” She was looking forward to cooking up the brains which his well placed head shots had “ruint.”


@KYSub2K I was going to suggest the overhead rack that @GOBLIN mentioned.


KySub2k, so for some cheapo engineering have you considered buying a hard sided case, and using pop rivets to attach the case bottom to the metal on underneath of rear shelf, then add a couple inches of loose trunk lining felt material hanging down from lip to disguise? Open latches and it drops down. Looking in and it just appears you need some trunk carpet cement.


Hey, Aslondon…
I got the same here at Academy Sports , also online. I use it for range travel to military post range…restrictions and post regs governing transport . Fits nicely behind the Tacoma’s DCSB backseat too !


Posted mine before I saw this thread. Got this case with the purchase and until I add the muzzle brake, it will work fine…cheap vinyl case from Redhead…





Muffs on the back are a giveaway


@Aravena @cico7 Just get some Sennheiser 800 S stickers made up, stick em on your muffs, and the general public will think your a connoisseur of high fidelity.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: watch out though street rats might try to mug ya for em…


My S2K is always in the trunk of my truck, folded and ready to go! Yes I actually have a trunk in my truck!


For those using the Plano Tactical 2-Pistol Case from Academy. Have you trimmed out any of the foam to keep it from “bursting at the seams” on the sides since there are only latches on the front? Or perhaps replaced the bottom foam with pick-and-pluck?


I started with that case or one virtually identical to it and sometimes still use it although attachments to the M-Lok side rails of my gun mean it is now a tight fit. I discarded the bottom foam section and replaced it with two layers of 7/8 inch thick Kaizen foam, something pretty much everyone here swears by. I personally prefer working with two layers of thinner foam or a layer of Kaizen foam on top of an existing layer of pick-and-pluck to get a nice tight custom look.

Here is the original version with the gun in place:

And here is the current version:

I have since replaced the Plano with the heavier but still inexpensive case from Harbor Freight shown below:

All of my cases have this sign on them in hopes of deterring casual theft:


See my post above re where to purchase the foam. I have not found any place in the Louisville area that carries it.

Regarding your questions above and as you can see from the photos, two 7/8 inch thick pieces adequately fill the bottom section. You do not need a full two inches as the egg crate top will be compressing and holding everything in place anyway. You just need enough height to make your cutouts to restrict lateral movement.


my case not bulging on sides. will look at the harbor freight to see what they carry too. msg mike at ft benning


@MSGMedicMike For a possible Harbor Freight Case Configuration see photo above. You will see it holds a lot. If you buy one, be sure to use the 20% off coupon or catch it on sale. It is a really strong case and comes with pick and pluck foam.

I removed a 1" of so thick layer of regular foam from the very bottom which then allowed me to place a layer of Kaizen foam on top of the pick and pluck. I could then cut the detailed outlines in the Kaizen and pull or cut the pick and pluck beneath where things needed to go deeper.


mine fits in my backpack ready to go


Picked up this Ruger sling pack a few months back.
Kinda forgot about it for a while. Sub fits nicely, though.


#talonsei #s2k

He’s got 360k subs. 30k views on this vid in 1 week.

@ChrisNelson Send him an M-Series w/ the Optic Mount for a review!