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How Do You Carry Your S2K?

I use my S2K for home defense and as a truck gun. For home defense, I use the light (100 lumen) red laser combo mounted on the lower rail. For outdoor use, I use the tactical light (1,000 lumen) M-Lok offset and green laser M-Lok mounted.

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I removed the iron sights, I use a laser and have a red dot to mount.


I really like the VooDoo soft bag. I need to get one of those!


I picked a back pack at wally world for $18.00! holds s2k, glock 19x, 3 fun sticks , extra mags (all in separate compartments) and boxes of bullets without bulging.
Pack is made by outdoor products .
WARNING: as someone posted earlier, buy 2 because wife will want one.
Happy shooting brotherhood !


@cico7 I like that!:+1:


The “Rubik Goldberg Magazine Gizmo”

I recently purchased one of the new Harbor Freight Long Gun Cases on Sale for $99.99. It is a great case and comes with very dense pre-cut pick and pluck foam. If you are like me though, you both love and hate the stuff. It’s a lot easier than cutting foam, but you have to work within those pre-defined squares and you must leave ample room between items or the foam starts breaking apart. As a result, you waste a lot of space.

I decided to configure the case to pretty much hold everything for a day of shooting. After I got the guns placed, I started squeezing in magazines and that’s where I hit a wall. I needed to fit three 17 round mags for the S2K in a space of roughly 3 by 4 inches. No problem if they will fit upright as shown in Figure 1, but the case is a touch too shallow and when closed presses too hard on the mags for my comfort. There is no way they will fit horizontally, so they have to go diagonally, but that also is impossible in that space. I needed to get creative and think inside the foam where I could not normally see.

Enter the Kaizan 3 dimensional block solution a/k/a the Rubik Goldberg Magazine Gizmo. I simply removed a block of the foam in the designated area and then started thinking three dimensionally. What you see in Figure 2 is the result. Three small pieces of Kaizan foam cut and glued together in the proper orientation will allow three S2K magazines to interlace diagonally together into that small space. I then slid the Gizmo into the slot I had cut for it with the result shown in Figures 3 & 4. That’s all my great idea is. Three pieces of Kaizan foam, cut and glued together. But MAN does it save space! And you could just continue the row. Imagine the number of magazines you could squeeze into just 3 by 18 inches.

Important Note: Ignore the darker thin pieces of foam. Those are spacers made of craft foam. I had to use those because the Kaizan foam I had available was only 7/8 inch thick and my mags were a bit thicker. If your foam is the proper thickness you will not need such spacers; just three simple pieces of foam just slightly thicker than your mags.



The right middle photo shows the difference in height between upright and diagonal with comparable padding under the upright magazine.




I carry my sub2k in a VooDoo tactical case and it fits well even with the muzzle break. I’m currently looking for a nice carry case for my KSG. I would like a hard case but they are all too long. Any suggestions?


@4QBarry See the post below and the others in that thread. One of them might point you to something that will fit.



I’m too lazy to look up dimensions of the KSG. Give me the length and width … I might can help.

I guarantee Pelican makes a repurposable hard case that will fit it well. Shop the Pelican Store for a complete selection and some of the best Pelican pricing.

Beyond what I asked for … also consider what else you want the case to carry. Best advice I have is to go all Nut’n Fancy Philosophy of Use like then lay out the stuff you need and take a length and width on your layout.



I see the length is listed at 26.1" and I can’t imagine it being more than 2.5" wide?


Thanks Dred & Dave 67. Correct on the length and height is 7". I’ll give Pelican a look and I figure a case that measures over 30" x 10" should work out. Thanks again!


@4QBarry Oh, oops…I didn’t even think of the height but thanks for posting that.


I went to Harbor Freight purchased this

29.00 plus tax and 20%off, then purchased kaizen foam on line to put in it.


Vault V700 (36.5x14x6) @ The Pelican Store

Pelican 1615 Air (29.59x15.5x9.38) @ The Pelican Store

iM2950 Storm Case (29x18x10.5)

iM3100GP Storm Rifle Case (36.5x14x6)

iM3100 Storm Rifle Case (36.5x14x6)

Pelican™ 1700 Long Case (35.75x13.5x5.25)

Yes, I’m a pelican junkie. Since I’ve been known to strap’m to my motorcycles … they offer confidence and security. By the third or fourth time I repurpose the case - the buy-in has lost its sting.

That said, Plano is upping their game at a budget friendlier price.

Tactical 36-Inch Long Gun Case

AW2™ 36" Rifle/Shotgun Case

I have a pair of Plano 36" cases waiting on me to foam but it seems that the model was replaced by the tactical series.

When you’ve selected suitable models, Craigslist can be your friend. The cases simply outlast the contents they protect. Good luck choosing and building out. If these are more than you need, the option is to keep your eyes open. My Sub 2000 and my DW 715L Pistol Pack are built out in Rigid Brand Toolboxes from Home Depot. They have a Pelican look and are water tight but aren’t nearly as durable as a Pelican.


also have an HF APACHE 4800 Weatherproof Protective Case - X-Large![image|500x500] (59.99 -20 %)(upload://jDOw5c4iGZUCuJgyKS5zQOV8rTf.jpeg) going to replace the foam (has the pick apart foam) with Kaizen foam. https://kaizeninserts.com/products

|Inside Length (in.)|17-7/8 in.
|Inside Height (in.)|6-1/8 in.
|Inside Width (in.)|12-7/8 in

|Material|Polypropylene with rubber seals|
|Product Height|7-3/8 in.|
|Product Length|20-5/16 in.|
|Product Width|15-1/2 in.|
|Shipping Weight|9.80 lbs


Wow! Thank you Dred! Thats awesome and l appreciate your assistance and advice.


So my Sub2k will be my new truck gun and I didn’t really care for the soft sided carry case because it didn’t leave room for anything else and it totally looks like a gun case. I really don’t want to leave an obvious gun case where it’s easy to see, and it kind of defeats the purpose to hide it making it difficult to get to. So I took an old briefcase from my Army days and some cheap closed cell anti-fatigue floor mats and cut to shape. I’ll do a cutout for my dot scope when my new one comes in, I already have a quick attach mount. My single point sling is in the top pocket, and I’ll have a basic cleaning kit and bore snake in the pocket too. Now it doesn’t look so obvious and less likely to be stolen.

I also took some scrap foam and my gasket punch set and made a couple of buffers to try out. Being disabled and fixed income means I’ll have to buy upgrades as I can afford them, but being resourceful means I can get by with some ingenuity. I’ll have to carry the mags in something different to remain legal.

What are you using


Here are the buffers. Installed two and I can still lock the bolt back.


Nice job! I chose to keep it simple, and weighed the pros and cons of cases, bags and backpacks. I chose to go with a cheap hydration backpack off of amazon. The gun barely squeezes in and there isn’t room for a rifle w a compensator. There’s room for a few loaded magazines in the zippered pouch. When I went for a walk in the woods I forgot the pack was back there. Deploying the gun out of the bag is pretty straight forward…unzip and go. Naturally it weighed less walking back to the car


I have a few packs like that too. It fits well into them and I can use them when I need to, they just have the military look I’m trying to avoid.

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