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How Do You Carry Your S2K?


All Things SUB-2000!


I use a Computer backpack as a everyday carry. It has the room and no one can tell It’s in there.


Range bag or a backpack that has a padded slot area for a laptop.


Very covert even with add ons.


Thank you that is what is so cool about the sub2000.


I use my GoRuck GR1 w/ laptop pocket. I’m in the process of acquiring a soft armor pad as well. in the end, I hope to have a ‘go to’ EDC for my Sub2K + G23 that can also protect me from ballistic threats… I’ll post some pics when everything is put together… Thanks @KM55 for sharing your set up!


My sub2k fits nicely into a Camelbak Mule pack.
There is enough room for the sub, 4-6 full size glock 33rd magazines as well as my range gear.


Your welcome, that is what this is all about sharing


I use a metal camera case with rubber inserts. Discreet and ready to go to the range.
Hi, just joined the Brotherhood.
Love MCARBO products. Have flat trigger and internal upgrades from MCARBO on my 40 sw sub 2000. Double finger charger. Rear folding sight. All work great with new screws and stainless steel polished feed ramp. Great shooter with the upgrades. My wife loves shooting it too. Looking forward to new upgrades


Please post a couple of photos of your case and information on who makes it. Thank you


Just joined the posts, have not figured out how to post pictures help
These are pictures. Bought online rubber inserts.

sincerly Stuart Bockler Empire Today 941-549-1423


That is a great setup, who makes the case and does the foam come with it.


Nice. Very “John Wick”. :+1:


picked this up yesterday @ a swap meet for $10

. found a Nikon cap of some kind so it was used as a camera case. New foam will be here tomorrow.


Nice find great price. where are you getting your foam?


@KM55 , https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NPWLUHW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Thank you, it helps having someone who has used an item then just guessing:cowboy_hat_face: if its right or not.


Old zero Haliburton case. Foam inserts on line at



Thank you that is something to look for when travelling long distance. :cowboy_hat_face:


I found the voodootacticle 2 enlarged pistol bag 20-0098 to be a good fit, tho a little elusive, found it fairly quick