M*CARBO Brotherhood

How do we use this forum?

I’m just as new to this format but it was highly recommended and I can already see why.

If you have any questions on how to use this forum go ahead an post away here.

Here are a couple useful tips:

  1. If you want to quote what someone said just highlight what they wrote and you will see a small pop up that says “quote” click on that and it will drop it into what your in the middle of writing.

  2. If you want to add a pic of your firearm or reference to what your trying to explain, all you have to do is drag and drop it into the text box your writing in. It’s that simple! No photobucket bs.

  3. Please update your profile with a username and a pic. Makes it more like normal conversation being able to see who your talking too. Not to mention it will help us recognize people were talking to on here. Click on the Circle in the top right of the screen, then click on the gear icon to edit your profile.


It keeps telling me I have two unread messages. Where do I find these? I click on the “Unread” part at the top and it tells me I have nothing new. I’ve never used or even seen this forum format before. Thanks.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been clicking on.

Don’t click on the unread button just click on the topics with the blue icons next to them.

I’m not bothering with the unread button.

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Just got a badge for using the @ feature to mention someones name in a post.

Like this @Wedge

It’s a great way to let someone know you are talking to them or answered their question. Give it a shot!


Mrcoffee It has an old familiar feel from early forums and isn’t a main stream social media data sucking monster. I think we can all feel comfortable here…


This forum software definitely had a different feel to me as I’ve never even seen this format before. But, after using it for a day or three, it’s become pretty easy. The only feature I’ve seen missing (or can’t find) is the ability to block someone. I’m already seeing bad blood transfer over from the facebook page. :roll_eyes: Hopefully, it’s been “handled”, but if it continues I guess it will have to be brought to the attention of the powers that be.


@wedge Yes keep us posted on that.


​Apparently there is a trust level feature that determines who’s posting is trustworthy and who’s might be spam.

​Still figuring this out.

Let me know if your prohibited from posting pics or posting all together. Just recently heard that they forum will make you 45 mins before posting if you have been posting a lot.

Pretty cool to see that happen! Forum is off to a good start.:+1:


I’ve left a lot of things alone in the spirit of the ongoing competition. Don’t want anyone saying their input was modified and putting them out of the running to be a product tester.


I haven’t done anything “punitive” either because I haven’t seen anything needing any real attention. This forum is very well behaved! :+1:


Right on. Glad to hear everything is going great. It’s still a small tight group. Kind of like it that way. Glad you guys are helping out and keeping an eye on it. @Matt @Wedge


What we with the list when you click on your own avatar? Any way to edit?

Otherwise nice and eat to navigate.

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