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How Dirty Ammo Is

I was at the range this weekend and was shooting my S2K with 9mm Federal Champion ammo and it is very clean ammo. The other ammo I used this weekend was Remington (UMC) 45acp FMJ. It didn’t take long before I was having issues with seeing my front sight that is fiber optic. 3 magazines (30 rds) and it was so black with residue I couldn’t see it. I cleaned it off 3 more times firing a total of 100 rds of 45acp. Never again will I buy Remington 45acp FMJ for shooting. My M&P was the dirtiest I have ever seen it on the inside and out. Nasty Stuff.IMG_20181023_110854711%20(640x306)


@KM55 I stay away from the Remington ammo, our local bimarts won’t even sell it anymore because of all the complaints and recalls.

It is sad to see what was once a fine old company become so shoddy and threadbare. I hope the get their act together after this latest bankruptcy and start offering innovative and quality products with good customer service once again!

That said, federal and speer ammo have never ever let me down, especially in an S2K.


I find Paul Harrel’s Digital Bits sexy. We thought about cyber dating but the man keeps making me watch as he defiles innocent firearms with Remington cartridges. Honestly, I do associate him with Remington Green and White Box - strongly enough, in fact, that every time I play one of his videos I’m bracing myself for the Green & White while he’s doing his bear with the sounds of gunfire spiel.

All that to say … I’m with you @KM55 … it’s garbage ammo … less I got nothing else AND sump’n needs holes punched.


I’ll also add Winchester white box, some of the dirtiest ammo I have ever shot. Darn near plugged up my scorpions muzzle brake. I have had good experience with federal brands, cci, Speer, fiocchi, aguila, hornady and magtech.


i use federal in my 243 and 270 never a problem


Winchester White box is some pretty nasty stuff. Don’t shoot much Remington ammo. Another good clean and consistant ammo is S&B.