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How Are Your Front Sights Painted?


There’s a few different options for painting your front sights, what is your go to? Also, any color preference?


Most of my sights have been replaced with tritium sights. The ones that couldn’t be changed are cleaned with alcohol and then painted with white fingernail polish. Works as good or better than anything else ive tried such as model paint.


I always keep a “white out” pen in my range bag. Just temporary but thats what I want. (Plus can just remove with a fingernail if circumstances change.)


For my Sub2K I replaced the front sight with a Blitzkreig chevron sight in orange. But for several other firearms, including some pistol I use Birchwood-Casey sight paint sticks. The ones I got are similar looking to a magic marker and came in a package with white, red and green.


@Pew_Ding Bought some Testors fluorescent paint at Hobby Lobby for $1.75 ea. I used the yellow on the front post so I could see better in dim light. It’s closer to white than yellow. Which ever color you get use a flat white for a base coat.


Totally agree on the white base coat. Makes whatever color you use as a top coat much brighter.


Any pics. I’d like to see some of these. I can’t make up my mind how I want to do mine.