M*CARBO Brotherhood

Hoping The Guys M*CARBO Can Save The Day


Okay, so a certain gun parts manufacturer could have been a little clearer about how their trigger conversion kit can fit my SW9VE. The striker spring is completely undersized. So, I put the old one back in and ordered a sear spring from M*CARBO. I’m so ticked at the moment. Spent $60 on a trigger kit and the biggest part of it didn’t even work properly.

Anyone have any suggestions for a striker spring that will actually fit an SW9VE? One that works?


dont know who you delt with, if its the same people, sorry bout that, but have you thought about the APEX Tactical red shield action enhancement trigger? they also sell spring kits
for the SW9VE www.apextactical.com


Yeah, that was the one. Sorry. Their striker spring is almost a full centimeter shorter than the factory one. It didn’t strike the primer hard enough to be consistent, so I went back to the factory one.

I’m going to put M*CARBO’s sear spring in, see what that does. It’s an okay gun, not the best, but these are not expensive pistols by any means, I figure I’m getting what I paid for. My Ruger RAP is by far a better firearm, but it was more than $200 more in cost.

Wolff makes a lighter striker spring. I may try theirs.


Found the problem. Think I’ve got it fixed now.


good to know, I was going to order some bits from them on another pistol thanx for the heads up.:+1:


I’d still order from them, but just be REALLY sure it’ll fit the firearm. I’m actually going to reorder a different striker spring from them. The more I’m looking at the pieces on my bench and the photos on their site, I may have ordered the wrong trigger. This one may be on me.


it happens brother, dont sweat it. they gettin to be so many generational changes on firearms, with minute changes, it can be challenging to get parts to upgrade em…


That was my first thought. Holy cow, from year to year, the pieces and parts aren’t interchangeable and they get steadily more expensive.