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Homemade Brass Catcher

Hey All✌️
I did a search here for Homemade Brass Catcher.
Found a few post.
Example: Any Reloaders Out There?

I know @Festus has one and not wanting that Old Man to out do me :crazy_face: I put something together yesterday.

Fishing net frame, aluminum angle iron, netting bag that a hard hat I bought years ago came in, all thread, nuts and a zip tie.
All’s comes together and apart easily. Will store nicely in my Okie Range Cart.
Until I get to test it, my only concern now is how the netting will stand up to the hot brass.


@Captainjack88 Well done youngster! I doubt the hot brass will bother the netting, I’ve not seen any ill effects on my contraption.


I like it. I know you do some bench shooting. I’m looking at it thinking it’d take a seriously enthusiastic bolt rack to launch brass high enough.

Height adjustment is a thing. Mine works great for bench and prone bolt and lever. I use rifle mounted catch for autoloaders. I also use a “brass magnet” by cadwell which is a rolling wire loop basket that captures brass sized solids when rolled across the ground.

I definitely like your solution. But I haven’t found one that works for all my brass catching needs.


I made one a couple years ago with part of a laundry bag cut at the seams and stapled to wood dowel rods. Screw them to ping-pong net clamps to clamp the whole mess to the bench. It sits about 3 feet high and the mesh is small enough to stop even .22’s. The bottom forms a pouch and the brass drops into it and can be dumped right into the bucket. Hot brass doesn’t hurt it at all.

I’ve had two reactions - that’s a great idea or it looks stupid as hell (and it does LOL). I don’t care, it works for me when the arthritis really kicks in. I’m sure someone else could make a more ‘polished’ product - I’m surprised someone hasn’t already, or maybe I’ve just missed it.



Second that !

Google what @Dred posted. I got few ideals from him. Way cool.


It looks good but hitting that little hole with my brass would be another target for me to miss.At least that’s what my wife said. :rofl:

And who said I missed. LOL


this one aint home made but, it would be easy enough to be, piece of bent stainless wire and ballistic nylon cloth, this one hods 50 mt’s of the 5.7, shot as fast as i could dump the magazine testing it out, no singe no burns or holes. guess the hardest part it bending the wire where it locks on your application.


I like it. As a 6’ 5" knuckle-dragger, I think the height is perfect…though to @Dred’s point it might work better at lower height for the vertically challenged among us… :wink: