Home entertainment center Up in Smoke!

A couple weeks ago I came home from hunting and sat down to cut and package some venison. I turned on my Onkyo 110 watt per channel into 8 channels sound system with matched speakers and watched it go up in smoke! I recently had the outside electric service replaced and a few new outlets added. My TV and sound system were plugged into an APC surge protector that had obviously failed as one of the prongs on the plug was heavily scorched and the wire casing that sat on a wood floor was somewhat melted. I contacted APC and they just sent me a new Surge protector and are requesting the old one back so their engineers can examine it.
They’re telling me they will replace my sound system if they find that their unit was defective. Stay tuned.


Good to hear you and the home are ok!
Is file a report with Consumer Affairs division if they try to give some some b.s. saying it’s your house wiring or you overloaded it.


Wholly crap, lucky you got on that quickly enough. I think in this day and age APC is excellent to request a product review and offer to replace your sound system or what might be. If possible, take several photos and archive in the event you need to challenge the outcome.
If you have an older home or partition, like myself, added onto the existing dwelling, I changed the fuse box, yes fuses. My brother tested all the plugs and still found a couple that he felt were not grounded or something like that I am not an electrician, but overloading the circuit, could that cause an overload? Otherwise glad to hear all is good.


I had a licensed electrician install a new breaker box. It is an older home and the 2nd floor has some old knob and tube wiring. I’ve been slowly replacing it trying to limit wall damage. The outlet downstairs was brand new and wired with new breakers and wire about 6 months ago. There was only my tv, subwoofer and receiver plugged into an 11 outlet surge protector. There no recent power outages prior to this. I don’t think it could possibly be overloaded and if it was the protector should have kicked out.


Now I’ve got to have another electrician check the circuit. Oddly enough, the tv wasn’t affected.


Glad to hear it wasnt alot worse. Deffently looks and sounds like the surge protecter is the problem to me.


Glad no bigger damage occurred

Good luck with the challenge


Thanks guys, I do feel blessed that it happened while I was standing there. I don’t know how things would have turned out if it happened after I walked away.


I usually recommend plugging two cheap surge protectors in-line.
If the first one blows and the surge continues…the second has worked in the past every time for my clients.

Good luck!


Very surprised to see an APC UPS have that kind of issue. I’ve been using them for almost 20 years to protect my servers/computers and never had one fail. Good to see there was no fire.