Home Defense - Better To Suppress Or Not?


@Johnksg I had and still do have the situation before and and now with the Hearing aids,
And now it’s Really loud.


@Johnksg @DivaMarie twists me sideways, if im out huntin, or just doing a creep in the weeds, I hear everything, no problem, but at the shop, if im outside talking to a customer, and there’s either a diesel idling in the shop, or my apprentice is rolling a grinder or valve lapper, and the air compressor kicks on, plus the pass by roadside traffic, its at the point i hear a garbled roar, and thats 60 feet from the door of the shop, im to the point if there is more than 1 sound, to hear someone, I gotta be looking at them, and read lips to figure out what they are saying, and on my side, with my NC hillbillie accent, in the mix, im talking quite because to me inside my head it sounds like im screaming… makes absolutely no sense to me. once i get done with this PICC line infection bullcrap, I will start the fight over that. thanx John and Tony!


Hate going to Walmart too! But that is an entirely different story. Lol


@Jperr :rofl::rofl: How True! And the video’s and the Selfie’s would get us (86’d) from the Brotherhood for Life!:grin:


There are organizations that offer legal services and/or insurance-like money for you to find and pay a lawyer to defend you in these sorts of scenarios. sucks that legit self defense might land you in jail and have you hamstrung. It shouldn’t be necessary in my opinion but, thanks to so many laws and people that sympathize with criminals that end up getting killed or injured over the actual victim(s) of their crimes, its a precaution worth looking into. just like driving and having insurance to me.


I think the scare effect to the intruder plus alerting everybody within earshot is a good thing… but, I’m still stuck wondering how horrible the hearing damage would be to myself. I dont have any suppressors and I dont have any experience with them on AR’s… Aren’t they still pretty loud, even suppressed? I’ve heard a .22 suppressed and it was crazy quiet but, figured an AR would still rattle the windows…


@erikveston No offense but I am not a big fan of the idea of “scare effect”.

If you take up a weapon it better not be to scare someone!

I hear this said all the time about shotguns…bad idea! I want my weapon loaded and chambered. I am not giving up a single tactical advantage I may have.

As far as alerting the neighbors? Not so much as you would think. Go stand outside of an indoor shooting range and see how much you can hear?


I dont “Bluff” either never was good at it, why i dont play cards. you access the situation, and you follow thru accordingly. center mass.
as far as the neighbors next door hearing it or hearing it from the street, they might hear a dull “pop” sound in a older home, maybe a lil louder in a trailer, if its near a window and they out walking their dog, if their nose aint buried in a phone they would be more likely to see the flash…



The last sound you will never hear!

Sorry, I am a mean old, heartless bastid. If your piss-poor life choices have lead you to cross paths with me at 3am inside of my home…lets just say it will be a closed casket funeral for you. :angry:

I believe in large magazine capacity and multiple shots. :grin:



Perhaps this would make a great sign to put near your front door?


@JohnB @Johnksg @GOBLIN another good one would be THE SECOND SHOT IS THE WARNING SHOT





While I fully share the sentiment and appreciate the humor, please do not actually post this or any similar signs on your property. If you are ever involved in a shooting where you need to justify your actions, a prosecutor or jury could misinterpret them in a way that would be very bad for you.


@JoeFridaySays i dont have that posted but i do have a sign on my window of house and door to my shed saying THINK TWICE BECAUSE I WON’T :smiley: