Home Defense - Better To Suppress Or Not?


do you have to have a licence for your supressor we have to have it stated on our licence and the police dont always grant it and mostly they will only grant it for one gun we have a seperate licence for each gun 80 euro for each gun for three years


I presently have most of the parts to build a suppressor under what we call Form 1 here. I’ve been stalled since November 'cause I want to use Silencer Shops Form 1 service to submit my application for permission to build. If ATF is reading, I don’t have a means of attaching it to a firearm and I don’t have baffles so stand down fellas.


@Dred I have looked into that as well Dred, what burns my grits is the wait time involved with the paperwork. first unit, took me right at 10 months to get the stamp, second one, im at 15 months, due to backlog, and still waiting. by the time i get that one, company will have already done another generation change. (they have already done one). Have they given you a timeline on time to get your stamp in hand for a self-built?


@Dred @hunter1916 @m-forgery I think ,probably, law enforcement, would be more upset if I put more than one Bolt out of a crossbow, (premeditation) , and ive checked the speed on re-loading, from shot to re-cock and load fire on target, neck and neck with a pump shotgun (Barnett self cocker),
or used something exotic like a beehive/hornets nest (40mm shell loaded with .22 rounds= 10 rounds fired simultaneously )
the Hornets nest being 10 rounds $440, the Bee hive being 10 rounds $695
www.cdvs.com and www.otbfirearms.com respectively , you do have to have either a free use M-203 launcher or a M-203 40mm launcher on your AR ( it is a stamped NFA
registered destructive device) and re-loadable, the beehive having 10 rifled barrels built in the shell
suppressors are becoming so common place in the free market, im expecting to see them being sold used as guys upgrade to the next generation, (with correct paperwork new stamp of course) Ive already seen shoulder holsters with a suppressor sleeve beside the offside magazine holder, I dont know if it requires a additional stamp on your concealed permit, but i will check on that, my interest has now been perked so to speak.
I think it would probably bring more heat down on your head if you beat a intruder to death with a ASP or even a baseball bat (premeditation/intent you didnt stop after the first hit) or even a Hunga Munga for that matter,than attaching a noise lowering device.



Wow! That is really sad! So, the thieves are left to steal what they want while you are holed up in a ‘safe’ room, unable to come out.

But, you said ‘up to recently…’ - so, the laws have improved? What has changed?


@JohnB you can now use reasonable force which means if you feel your life is in dander you can shoot the bas%%rds in that case you fire a warning shot first ,my warning shot will come second if someone comes into my home uninvited and is a treat to me


@Dred i can buy a supresser here no paper work needed but cant put it on gun unless it states it on licence for that particlar gun @GOBLIN @m-forgery



That’s interesting about the warning shot.

From what all I have heard here in the USA, warning shots in defensive situations are a big NO-NO here.


you have to show reasonable force[buratic bull]


It’s 'bout the same for paper … but I know folks that cruised through in a couple months with a Form 1 e-file. According to Silencer Shop data for the most recent 3 months, they are running just over 200 days for paper right now and they don’t have e-file data on the Form 1 cause they still aren’t offering it. My holding pattern started in November and I’m about to forgoe their service just to get in line.

The reason I’ve been waiting is so I can bundle their Single shot trust. That trust would allow me to add my brother and girlfriend after getting approval by simply having them stop by a Silencer Shop Kiosk. But … the wait is getting tough to endure. Next unallocated $200 will probably support my individual efile application. This is actually where the gov’t shutdown touched me as SS claims the service is being held up by ATF sump’n or other.


I recently fired a .380 pistol outside my back door to kill a skunk making a beeline towards my house. The noise temporarily damaged my hearing, setting the bells off. I live in the country and waited for an hour watching my front yard for the arrival of law enforcement. No law arrived, no complaints from the neighbors. I guess from my perspective, suppress or non-suppressed isn’t a problem. I’m on my own until I or a family member contacts 911.


@Goober6291 im always shooting in outside my backdoor usually do my 25 yard zero there nearest neighbour 100 yards away never any complaints or visits from the police ,i was talking to local cop a while ago and he said that he heard there was some shooting going on my direction i told him prob me and that was that no prob


Just curious, how many of my fellow competitors have done shoot houses and other “enclosed space scenarios?” Its not as bad as people make out. Walls suppress gunfire greatly - outside of a shoot house or in the next room all you hear is a “pop pop”

A suppressor just muffles the sound about the same as a pair of ear muffs, 25-30 db, generally speaking. And unless your shooting subsonics I just don’t think most shooters will see as much advantage as they think.

But it WILL add length to your weapon and can hamper manuevering in close confines. It will also in many cases increase backpressure of your weapon and can result in gassing. (Red eyes, tears, and blurry vision is no bueno!) And then as others have pointed out there is the DA and the grand jury to consider. Police only investigate, they do not decide if you are going to be prosecuted. Too many movies, to much negative associations, as I tell every student…

USE WHAT THE POLICE USE! (And I am NOT talking about the swat team.)

This is just my opinion, I enjoyed reading everyone’s posts on the subject. Great topic @JohnB!


ive done one or 2 hell houses, maybe more :roll_eyes: did a shoot in a place i used to live in (that was a have to not want to, no plugs no muff+tight hall with ejection port almost tight wall, 12 ga, taught me a valuable lesson it did)
first dedicated suppressed firearm i ever fired was a Sten, heavy brass bolt, subsonic ammo, old style suppressor with baffles chamber and wipes, second was a H@K MP5 factory suppressor setup, again subsonic ammo, third, a UZI, setup factory suppressed,subsonic ammo.
hardest pistol to setup? Glock. takes a extra piece in the suppressor to make the firearm cycle correctly.
in my time on the spinnin rock, ive noticed, for a suppressor to work correctly the firearm has to be set up for the suppressor correctly/totally dedicated. not just throwing a threaded barrel in and call it a day LOL and once you do that the firarm doesnt act right without the suppressor mounted… not talking about working, Im talking about working optimal/ perfect. a good tool in the box.
if your going to suppress, do a dedicated firearm. again thats why i prefer the built on the barrel suppressors like on the MK I /MKII ruger bull barrels VS the screw ons. no added length with a built on. JM2C


You mean the old MP5K? I remember those, the Marine security teams carried them.

YOU are 100% spot on with that one brother! But not so many folks have those. Adjustable gas blocks help, but they still have some issues.

Maybe it is just me…never seemed a huge issue. I have fired off several rounds of .308, and then remembered to put on my ears. Lol

Indoors, in an EMPTY room with bare concrete floor, nothing to absorb sound waves the report of a .357 or 12 ga. can be painful, but how often outside of a shoot house do you encounter that?

Been shooting my whole life, plenty of times no ears, can still hear! :grin::+1:


yep, left off the K, Marines used em, and every embassy security group from the middle east, to south america did, thats a fine lil close in chopper…
I cant say the same, way to much damage on the right side, to may popped eardrums from pressure pops, and the right side, when the bells tone down is fair. but its weird. in the weeds, i can hear a deer walking thru leaves, or a hawg popping a stick at 100 yds. but i get in a group of people, or lots of background sound, and it all becomes just one mixed garble, cant separate it for some reason…



Thank you very much!

And thanks for the great points you made.


Buck I have that exact same problem. It is kinda like Autism, your brain is trying to process everything at once and it gets overloaded. It is not uncommon for certain combat veterans, and can become more pronounced as we age.

However, I am NOT a doctor, I only play one on the Internet! Get yer ears checked!


@Johnksg @GOBLIN Ah Yes Welcome to the World of Aid’s/hearing’ Another Non Benefit of having been a Vet’ A royal pain in the A**! :-1:
The choices of (In the Ear) (Around the Ear) Right color Etc, Then the battle of getting the right tuning of same, They call the above problem and Solution the Public dinner mode,Then we have the Hunting mode, and the Music mode for those of Us who are still Learning to play a Guitar @ 70 plus.
The Moral of the story here’ WEAR EAR Protection’ Cause when it’s Gone it’s Gone ! :sunglasses:


@DivaMarie actually Tony what I was referring to was the situation Buck described. I don’t wear hearing aids but I have the same issue with crowded places and background noise. It just overwhelms me and I find it difficult to focus on any one thing. (Why I don’t go to Walmart). It has been associated with PTSD (I hate that term, an over used catch-all in my opinion!)