Home Defense - Better To Suppress Or Not?


In a Home Defense setting, do you think or believe that it would be better to suppress your weapon - helping to keep your hearing intact, or not suppress - helping to alert your family members, neighbors, and possibly others who could be impacted or could help you at such a critical time?


Hmmm, haven’t thought about this one. :thinking:
Would help me only in protecting hearing, neighbors to far to hear gunshot inside of house. Something worth thinking about though.


@JohnB In a confined space I think a suppressed weapon would be a good choice. Like Mr. Russell, I don’t have real close neighbors. Do I have one - no. Would I like one - yes , but I’m too damned old to worry about it now. A suppressor should be as easy to purchase as a muffler for your car or lawn mower.



I certainly agree with your comment about how easy suppressors should be to buy. And now I wonder how law enforcement would view a home owner using a suppressed gun for defense (a legally-owned suppressor and gun).


@JohnB In a lawful situation with a legal weapon system the authorities should have no opinion or view on what you used. My opinion and $2.00 will get you a cup of coffee somewhere.:grinning:


Unfortunately, in the vast amount of gun cases I saw as a bail bondsman, the police will likely be of the opinion that they need to arrest you. Sort it out later. Charges may be dropped or drastically reduced before it’s over but tonight you’re going in🤐


Warrior Poet did a video a while back about it. Had some good points for non-suppressed.



Does it matter whether shots were fired?

I have never been arrested and would like to keep it that way!



Thanks for the tip. Do you know how/where I could find the video so I could get his view on this?


@Boomchucker Thank God I live in the free state of West Virginia. Yes you may be taken in for further questioning but as I said about the lawful part ,I have no problem with this.





Thanks for the interesting video. I have never heard of this guy before, but he seems to have his act together and know what he is talking about.

I am amazed that he had been able to converse after firing an AR15 indoors (I believe that is what he said), and without hearing protection! But, that is good to know.

Not sure I totally agree with him, though.

If an intruder does have additional buddies with him and they hear the gunfire, it is possible that will help prepare them to do battle immediately upon coming into the home. It may also help tell them where you (the homeowner) are. And, if they know their guns, they may even be able to (at least somewhat), figure out what kind of gun you have (especially what type - pistol, rifle, or shotgun).


@JohnB he’s a former Army Ranger. He has some good content but I don’t really follow him.



Guilty until proven innocent.


I wouldn’t worry about the noise. Your adrenaline will be pumping so much i doubt you’ll hear the shot, at least the first one. Of course if it was suppressed you could use the old organized crime method, shoot, shovel, and stay silent. LOL.


Well, if you were to suppress but for some reason miss the perp, alerting others will definitely be impacted! I am sure that adrenalin will help save your life, as well? Hopefully, a follow-up dial to 911 would result in a ‘peaceful ending?’

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I will be the odd duck out. yes to Suppressor . I have 1 with tax stamp, when the other stamp comes back there will be 2. the pro’s outweigh the cons with me. Ive blown out eardrums before. thus part of the Quasimodo syndrome, you know, “the bells the bells”

small home, tight hall, I will deal with the aftermath /flack.


If you have kids at home - definitely suppress. Do it for their hearing. And if your shooting rifle caliber at rifle speeds it’s gonna sound just like a gunshot anyway.


I had a ‘blonde moment’ in my younger days and shot a 38 without my ears on… I had caused issues with one of my ears. I did regain complete hearing a week later. It was definitely stupid! I know it is ‘like’ put on some ears and then follow up with your shot! Cans are surely the way to go…



Well, at least you only did it with a .38. I used to go out on my cousin’s farm and shoot various guns - sometimes with hearing protection, sometimes not.

And yes, I have tinnitus now (have had it for years). But, I have a very good memory of just how loud those guns were. The one that hurt my ears the most was the .30-30 (Marlin).

Now, of course, I always use hearing protection when shooting guns.