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Holster For A FN Five-seveN, Shoulder Rig, With Light?

my newest conundrum a decent shoulder holster, /harness for the FN Five seveN with a
streamlight TLR series 1,2,7,8 OR a Surefire XC 1,X300,X300U-A, X300-UB

the only reason im down to selecting one of those lights, is because the only holster ive found that is made , for tha FN, is made by Gunfighters INC, and it lists those lights in holster fitment.
This pistol is going to have a light. my first one with a light mounted. probably either the XC-1 or the TLR 1 Im after simple.
it has to be a durable rig, I would rather pay a lil more for one that will last, and the way I work and my environment, leather is not even a option. kydex, lined kydex ect, with ballistic nylon (wide) strapping and durable cross piece and connectors.
first and only one ive found that will fit, is the Gunfighters inc
Spectre. i dont like the belt hooks but i can modify that. they do Lefty as well, and offer a single or double magazine pouch off side for the Five seveN ( that would give me 61 available rounds for the pistol, onboard , gives me goosebumps it does)
I have the Kenai chest holster for my 44 mag, extremely well made. I had to do a couple of small mods, to make it fit perfect but they were minor…
www.gunfightersinc.com Spectre Shoulder holster.
the only other option ive found for the FN with a Light, is a harness and magazine pouch from Urban Carry Holsters www.urbancarryholsters.com which is their Modular REVO for the FNH Five seveN. Like the harness, with mods, #1 ditch the alligator clips, and loop it, and have a custom kydex shell made for it, to bolt to the mount, as UCH does not offer a Light option . plus its leather and it wont last me more than a year. If I stay here. which, WV is lookin more an more where im spendin my Golden years LOL
Ive looked a safriland , galico and banchi, and I have used all three on other firearms, But, Ive found, with their elastic retention, I get about 6 mos before the elastic is shot and the unit gets droopy. I can replace that section But, when they discontinue a holster, like they did on my #17 Bianchi, for the Makarov, i had to replace the complete holster when the last strap went south. I dont want to deal with that again. I would rather have limited elastic, and double loop on belt retention… holds it tighter to my upper body.
so my requirements are::

  1. left hand pistol right hand magazine pouch.
    2 kydex holster or hybrid.
  2. double belt loop retention.
    4 limited elastic.
  3. fits FNH Five seveN with one of the above listed lights.
    anyone know of another manufacturer out there that can do this besides the 2 ive listed?

@GOBLIN Here is a link to Theis Holsters . He does not list a shoulder rig , but I think you can get the Kydex shell that will take some of the lights that you listed for the FN.
I have a holster from him and it has held up well over the years.


@GOBLIN Buck I Had Mine made from these Great Folks’ as I’ve said before, it’s three way adjustable and you can wear why working, riding a four wheeler, Whatever it stays Tight on you, no sloppy Movement, You don’t even realize your wearing a weapon and a couple of full magazines.(Diamond D Leather) 540 W Hjellen Drive Hand Made in Wasilla Alaska 99654 (907 631-4212) www.DiamondDCustomLeather.com


@ Buck Whoop’s they also have a pretty Informative Video on UTube’:sunglasses:


If Theis can help you, he’s a good choice. I used one of his holsters for over 2 years.