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Holosun red dot 407c

I picked up a holosun 407c to try on my glock 17L.

I didnt want to spend to get a new slide or get mine milled. Besides what if I didn’t like it.

In come Dueck defense. Excellent solution. Yes a ut pricey but less than new slide or getting mine milled.

Works great and the iron back ups work!!! Paunted the front iron red. I can still shoot accurately out to at least 20yards.

I am really staring to like these red dots. I can now shoot with my eye glasses on and see everything clearly.

Unfortunately I can see my misses better. Lol

I put one of these holosun 407c’s on my sub 2k. Excellent sight


@Silverback I have a bunch of Holosun dots and haven’t been disappointed yet. :+1:t2:


Finally got to the range . I was able to sight in my red lion front sight. Excellent front sight. Super easy to sight in.

Then I put the holosun 407c on my Mcarbo optic mount. I choose this red dot for its weight and compactness. Works great.

Had them both sighted at 50 yards in 15 rounds.
Then I Dialed them in at 100.

I couldn’t be happier with this set up.

Now to deal with my light primer strikes! Ugh,!!!



Same same sorta. I’m running a 507c on the s2k and a 508T on the plastic fantastic 1911. The pf1911 is my only shooter that runs glock sights but it also came milled for a plate that takes Trij RMR directly.

@Kona … nosey guy is wondering if you retired your atibals.

I’m gonna buy into Holosun again for a 407k or a 507k (their newer, even smaller pistol dot) when I pull the trigger on a cz pcr or a Tristar c100 - unless my balls drop enough to allow me to cut the slide on the 75 Compact Shadowline. I’m hating myself for hesitating to gouge the value of the fancy cz, but … I’m still experimenting with the carry dot and I can’t replace the serialized cz slide if I don’t love the dot.


@dred I still rock Atibal but Holosun 510c and 508T are amazing and Atibal can’t touch either.


Hoot. Gave gf’s son a 510c for christmas - it’s wicked awesome and I want one. Giving him my 10mm mechtech carbine conversion tomorrow and I bet money it lands there. It’ll be his first PCC and his first 10mm. Am I a dick 'cause I’m only willing to “loan” him my ds 10mm mags :rofl:. I’ve updated the basepads, springs and followers in’m and I know a doublestack 10 is gonna follow me home soon as I find me a recoil sensitive shooter to save.