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Holosun HS515C Review

Okay, I’ve tried very hard to like this optic, but I can’t.

  1. Non-removable flip “down” lens covers. I absolutely hate them.
    Can’t remove them or swivel them so they flip up or sideways.

  2. Brightness settings. Supposed to have 9, doesn’t work.
    The plus and minus buttons do nothing but power on/off.
    Pressing + or - powers on, pressing both powers off.
    It does seem to be plenty bright, so it’s still usable.

  3. Circle dot/ Dot only. Doesn’t work. Circle dot only.
    This one doesn’t bother me as I only want circle dot.

  4. Solar and battery. Should work on either, right?
    Only works on solar. And only when battery is installed.
    Cover the solar strip, it dies. Remove battery, it dies.

  5. Very small objective lens. I was hoping it was at least 22MM.
    I couldn’t find the lens diameter when I bought it, my fault.
    I find anything smaller than 22MM is uncomfortable.
    If I place the optic farther down the rail, it helps with this.
    But I can’t use the 3x with it that far away.

The HM3x is awesome and makes this set up very tolerable.
But it’s less optional now, as I’ll use the 3x most of the time.
Even when magnification isn’t desired.

I think I would have been better served with a 3x Prism scope.
Less money, less weight.


@ValorSolo sounds like you got a lemon. Send it back and maybe they’ll fix it.


Thought about sending it back, probably will. Maybe try for a refund.
The settings it’s stuck on are actually the ones I want to use.
So I could keep it and use it fine. But I’ll never love it. Lol.
The flip caps and the small diameter are the issues I really don’t like.
A new or repaired one isn’t helping. Need a different model.

Any suggestions? Here’s what I need.
At least 22MM lens.
65 MOA Circle 2 MOA Dot
Red or green or both.
Solar and battery.
Removable caps.

And here’s options I’d like to have as well.
Shake awake
Auto off


you can look at the tru-glow ignite, 22mm mini compact red dot sight. 2 moa dot 10 brightness settings ,remembers last used briteness settings auto off after 4 hrs idle from last button push, AAA Battery. 141 to 180 Ive had good luck with tru-glow,
down side rubber bikini covers
no solar




The Atibal SLR-1 is brand new and i have no experience with it but Atibal is gtg. Holosun 510c I run in comp and it’s beast.


Thanks for all the great suggestions. Here’s one I found.
Holosun HE530G-RD
No solar but a very nice optic. It’s 1x30.
I think I need to just get myself adjusted to using 20MM optics.
So many better options in that objective size.


These should do fine with the 3x, right? I’ve seen guys run magnifiers with these.
This may be the optic for me. I’ve looked at them in the past, just so many choices.
I’ll pick one up on the next big sale event. Try to get used to this 515C until then.


I have the 510C Elite with the green reticle and it’s been awesome.


I’m gonna try to catch a good deal Labor Day weekend and buy at least 1 HS510C.
Seem to have everything I want in an optic, and I trust y’all’s recommendations.


Looks like I might switch as well. Impressive!


I have one on the way . I gave to stop reading these things threads. Save 5% " work7" …Lol


Sorry … optics planet and free shipping.


Holosun HE530G-RD Elite Red Dot, 65 MOA/2 MOA Dot Reticle

I’m liking what I’m reading about this one. Thinking about trying it first.

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