Holosun 510C way to the left of S2K factory front sight blade

I have a Holosun 510C red dot that I’m currently not using, so I mounted it on my dandy new MCarbo mount. The problem I’m running into is my 510C dot is quite a ways to the left of my factory sight post. I also have a Bushnell TRS-25 that I tried, and gets me a100% co-witness. I would really like to use the Holosun, and would go as far as replacing the factory rear with the M fold down, and the RL front if necessary, but was hoping to just leave the factory sights as they are. Any possible fixes would be greatly appreciated

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It’s a bit frustrating, Holosun told me that I would achieve a 100% co-witness with the 510C, but that’s apparently not the case

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It should center up on the rail. Try again. Then share pictures if it doesn’t line up perfectly. Pictures should show both sides of the rail and the mount.

Best practice when installing an accessory to a pic rail is to lift upwards on the accessory while the mount is snugged up. The mount indexes to the points on the sides of the rail rather than the top of the rail.

If you are describing the location of the dot v. the location of the optic, adjust the windage to move the dot to the proper location.


Hey Dred, I will try that in the am. The optic is mounted on M*Carbo’s fancy mount, so I’m pretty sure it’s on the only way it can go


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