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Hollow points and Feed ramps

So, anyone here had issues getting your subbie to feed snubbie bullets? I have only run some reloads through mine and it was stovepiping every other round.

I still have the stock poly feedramp.

My concerns are 1) in any life or death situation where one may want defense rounds in the weapon that would be… unfortunate; 2) running comps or even just having fun at the range this will greatly impact your enjoyment and your wallet (if your trashing half your rounds).

Follow-up question: has anyone had issues of this sort with the poly ramp and them installed the SS ramp to find the problem fixed. The Internets insinuate that a ramped barrel limits the potential for this specific issue…alas we don’t have that, but we do have the ss ramp.


@Jester I haven’t ran any reloads in my sub before or after I’ve upgraded the internals. I have around 3000 rounds through it with maybe a handful of failures to feed.



I have not had a problem feeding 147gr Speer Gold Dots or 147gr Federal HSTs. Both have run 100% on the plastic and also the stainless feed ramp.

If these are your loads, try adjusting COAL until you get reliable feeding. The Sub 2k isn’t a weak point. I’ve run 100s of the Gold Dots. Mine is a M&P Multimag, G2.


Right. I’ve run a few thousand rounds through mine as well.

It’s the combination of Glock mags, non-ramped barrel, and hollowpoint/flat nose bullets that supposedly causes the problem. Not the subbie. But, I still am curious if anyone has the data on this.


@Jester I agree with Dred, overall length of the cartridge can be a big factor in how they feed. I am running a G2 sub2k in 40cal and using Win SXT in both 165 & 180 gr. which are both 1.24 oal. No problems. Even in 9mm the minimum length I would use would be in the area of 1.20 to 1.30. You could also try one of the polymer tipped hollowpoints, they feed more like a full metal jacket round.


Glock mags? I figured length was the issue but it is shape too. Roughly same loa round nose are no issue. I mean seriously, my subbie feeds pretty much anything (jinx :expressionless:).

I’m trying to see if anyone has data specific too Glock mags and hollowpoinr/flat tip bullets.

It is 9mm, if anyone cares.


my glock mag gen 1 feeds hollowpoints just fine, including the much maligned Winchester 115 gr silvertip at 2000 rounds i did the upgrades to it including the SS feedramp, had almost another 2000 since, mix of ball and hollowpoint, passed 1800 rounds in the genII almost time to start the process all over again with it. I did have a faulty extractor bout 500 rounds, but that happens(on gen II only)


If you’re still having problems with feet issues grab a dental pick and clean out around your extractor or if you have a Sonic Cleaner dump your whole Bolt in it


The Sub2K has a very short leade, similar to the CZ and Walther PPQ barrels. Therefore, hollow point rounds must be loaded much shorter than FMJ rounds because the ogive of the hollow points will engage the rifling. I have to load my hollow points for the Sub2K and Walther PPQ to 1.080 OAL vs 1.140 OAL for FMJ’s. The 1.080 OAL provides about .020" clearance before engaging the rifling. I would suggest doing a plunk test with your hollow point rounds to make sure that they aren’t bottoming out on the rifling. Just a thought of something to check.


Thanks @elguapo99 this is exactly the sort of information I was hoping to find! Awesome!!!