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Hitting Left Of Center


Anybody else having a problem with the sub hitting left of center? I don’t have any more adjustment, but still hitting left. The sight doesn’t LOOK canted, but I admit I have yet to check it with a level. I really don’t want to mess with it because I havn’t shot it off a rest yet, and it could very well be me and a bad habbit I picked up. I haven’t shot a long gun in a while and never a carbine before this. Just wondering if this is common or I just can’t shoot for crap anymore.


Two ways to discover the source: 1. Have another shooter shoot and compare result or 2. Rest it and compare result.


I think the same thing, but I have yet to check mine either. BTW this was at an indoor range this week. Really impressed on how it functions.


FYI, from a standing position and the target was 15 yards out.


@Jperr my entire life I have always shot just left of center. Part of it has to do with my posture and the fact that like most people one leg is slightly shorter than the other. (Don’t have this issue in prone.)

Righties shoot the left, lefties shoot to the right. :grin:

But back to your OP…we need more info. What sights are you using? Are you having the same issue with both irons and optics? A picture really helps.:+1:


I know it sounds strange but I always keep the first target shot with a weapon to use as a basis of comparison later on.

This is 66 rounds shot from a table after sighting in at 25 yards. You can see my shots are slightly clustered to the left of center. :thinking:



Ed, I am a ‘lefty’ that favors the right side of my body. I agree with @Johnksg as far as a ‘posture’ favoring, for sure. Another big (sight) dilemma, not remembering the given term is how your eyes spot an objective and sight when eyeing the target. The example that I had read was the analogy of covering the eye and switching it as though one was having an eye exam except the focus was brought onto the sight to target focal point (if I had explained it properly?)


What gun are we talking about here? If it’s a thin single stack, pushing the trigger and hitting left and low is common. Get more finger through the trigger guard and on the trigger. This drove me nuts until I figured it out with my Glock 43. I have to shoot it with the first joint of my index finger on the safety dingus thingy instead of the middle of the first joint pad like I do everything else.



Are you referring to which eye is your dominant eye?

I am cross-eyed dominant (meaning, I aim with my left eye, but pull the trigger with my right hand) - messes up the sighting from what I hear most people do/use. And, yeah, I tend to shoot a little to the left, and maybe a little low, on average.


Like @Johnksg I have shot slightly left of center even on a rest. Problem, I think(?), is how we process visual cues. Have trained to aim slightly right to compensate, but don’t advocate that as a method for anyone else.



It is an optic nerve ‘disorder’ that is a common ‘characteristic’ that many people are born with. The ophthalmologists have not labeled as a disease on the books yet but many shooters are showing up with it. I read about it in one of my magazines recently.


Studies have shown, (can’t remember names) that right handed people tend to miss (for lack of a better word) to their left and the reverse for lefties. That’s why you train for direction of movement depending on shooter’s strong hand.


I’m using the original irons with the Mcarbo peep. Unfortunatly, I don’t have any pics of the targets. Must have deleted them. But a lot of what the people are posting here makes sense. I gotta get this thing on a rest, get pics, then ask for help I guess.



Thanks for the info. I will just add it to my list of other “fun” health issues I have to deal with. No big deal, but I sure would like to shoot better. I suppose that could be remedied with enough practice. But, probably a whole lot more than I have been getting!


We all want (need) more practice. Lol



Sorry John… I sometimes wonder if the ‘extra’ time on my hands (for reading) is a curse!!! We all have health challenges but I do recall the article being diplomatic about a ‘health scare…’ Just like all the lawsuits for all of the bogus meds that cause health issues? Too much worry in the world these days?



Actually, it is great when I have a name to call a problem I have. Makes it easier to refer to it. So, thank you for that.



I am happy to help whenever I can. Sometimes I only wish that my mind was clearer on ‘specifics…’


@Jperr it is much more pronounced for me when I shoot pistols. It can be compensated for, though not totally eliminated, by spending the time working on your shooting posture.

I spend quite a bit of time doing that with new students, posture more than sight alignment, especially when shooting for speed dictates your accuracy.


I am right eye dominant and shoot right handed. I would love to be able to shoot left handed and use my left eye for sighting, but don’t really know how to do about doing this exactly… :face_with_monocle: