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Highpoint carbine

Got my Highpoint 9mm carbine out after not shooting in in quite some time.
I’ve ordered some M*CARBO products for it and added some 45 degree offset sights on it as well as a 3x9x40 scope.

Shot the snot out of it in S. Illinois at my uncle’s farm…couldn’t get tight groups with the red dot I had on it.

The scope isn’t completely dialed in, but the groups got much tighter.

Also, I had never disassembled the gun to clean it. That’s how I found MCARBO on YouTube.
Anxious to get my parts & I ordered a HySkore rifle rest to sight it in.

Tried sand bags, worked okay, but not as good as a rifle rest. Thanks MCARBO for making products to improve the Highpoint products!


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@Dirtbiker1 Welcome aboard. Always satisfying to improve the performance of our firearms.

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