M*CARBO Brotherhood

Highpoint 9mm 995st

just wanting to know what you think about this gun


Love mine. Have the 45acp version as well. Have run 1000’s of flawless rounds thru them with zero issues. Stick to factory mags and you should have no problems at all. The promags are the ones that give issues from what ive seen. Both of mine are extremely accurate and the 995 definitely has less felt recoil than the Sub2000 if you also happen to have one of those.
I run a Bushnell Trs25 on both of them. I also have the HiPoint double mag holder for the stock for each.
I would also trust the accuracy and reliability with my life.


IT is an excellent if somewhat ugly PCC. Just have to get used to not doing a full cleaning lube until you reach 1500-2000 rounds (Hi-point recommendation). It is very accurate, very reliable PCC. My 995ts weighed in around 6.5 to 7lbs , but is small enough that the weight doesn’t make it front heavy. I did sell mine to help fund my current Sub2K, which is better for me.


I got one waaaay back when they first came out–9mm. They run +P easily, build up some decent velocity with the barrel, and have about nominal (a couple minutes of torso; MOT) accuracy in the front flat spot of the 9’s external ballistics. I had sporadic problems with mag feeds on the first round for years, and only recently found out what my problem was. I cursed the hell out about every manufacturer of extended magazines, which was unwarranted. We only take it out sometimes every now and then to play with when we’re letting the benchrest barrels cool down (and when I have time to load the 9s and my kid isn’t stealing them).

What happens, and this may relate to the early ones, is that the stock serves as a crude recoil buffer for the bolt. When you pull the bolt back you can hear it hit the stock. Well, the casting for the plastic was pretty crude on mine, and the rear recoil area wasn’t square at all. So, under ejection recoil the bolt was whacking the stock sufficiently to chamber a round, but when charged by hand, and my fear of bending the damn tiny bolt in the handle, I wasn’t providing enough pull. I’d get pissed at it and then let it sit in the safe for months at a time.

If you have a problem chambering that first round, and you pull the mag and then move the top bullet forward slightly, and it works…that’s your problem. At that point do the surgery with the Dremel.

I only found this out because I went inside and was going to cut the spring in order to get some more rearward movement on the bolt, and I saw the lopsided “whack marks” on the stock. So, if you look at one make sure the ones you look at charge real well on a very modest pull.

Naturally, I immediately trashed the goofy iron sights and put on a good red dot/holographic. You can get 2 MOA red dots now in the range of 75-80 bucks.