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High-Standard Riot 7 Ghost Gun

I have had a Hi-Standard riot-7 for over 40 years. It is pre 1967, so no serial number. It is also in extremely good condition and has the walnut stock and forearm and has been shot less than 25 times. The gun has been out of production for decades and no spare parts are available other than used ones on Amazon and E-bay. For me, it is the smoothest pump ever. In my days with the Birmingham P.D. we used Remington 870’s that I also liked. I am considering shortening the LOP to about 13 inches to make it a little more compact (tactical style). I’m 5"8" with “standard” arm length for that height. I don’t think these things are rare, but I would hate to mess it up for collector purposes if someone really wanted it in original, very good condition. Anyone have any idea if I should preserve it as is and try to sell it, or do the chop job if it really isn’t all that desirable anymore? Thanks for any sage advice that anyone might have.


Personally, I’d hang on to it. See if I couldn’t find a stock to cut down and preserve the original.


Cut off shotguns are not pleasant to shoot. The Hi-standard is not a collectible. If you need parts check the company below they usually have the parts.


Thanks for the replies on my High Standard “ghost” gun. I bought a Hogue stock and fore end set for a Mossburg 500 after reading a post on another shotgun forum about “moding” it to fit my riot 7. The stock will work but doesn’t fit well. Some black tool dip to fill in some gaps helps though. I don’t think the forend will work. The OEM forend on its back side appears splintered and damaged; however, used ones I’ve seen on Amazon and E-bay look exactly the same way. Can’t see how to get the guide rods section of the forend off without destroying the forend. Saw a youtube video on the disassembly of a J.C. Higgins J20 that has the same internal parts, but the forend is different than mine how it mounts on the tube. I’m thinking more about keeping it original or slicing enough off the shoulder stock to compensate for the width of a Limbsaver slip on pad. I think I’ll take to time to think about it before I do anything.


That’s what I would do as well. :+1:

Your post reminded me of another thread, and I thought it would be a good subject there.