M*CARBO Brotherhood

Hi Point? Testing testing

Any Hi Point users out there? I’m feeling kinda lonely here in Keltec company…


LOL I know what you mean, I think we are like the fat ugly step sister here. Hi Point 40 S&W Carbine. Heavy, ugly but shoots where I point it.


Yup…it’s the narly chick you don’t really want to be seen with at the prom. I don’t really spend a lot of time gazing lovingly at my rifle. As long as it persuaded the bad guy that it was a bad idea to kick in my door I’ll take her to the prom AND the homecoming dance.


Welcome @DBM,

Kel Tec and HiPoint are equally represented - I’ve got one of each. Both are highly modified.

My Sub is wildly modified - blow up the propic and you’ll see that Marvin likes blasting with my KT. He swaps on his atomic muzzle device, but remaining details are accurate pre MCARBO Optic Mount.

I used the easy button on the 1095ts. It rides in a High Tower Armory Bullpup stock and will get the MCARBO spring kit soon as she gets opened up for cleaning.

I have more love for the HiPoint. But the Kel Tec gets grabbed more often; the ability to stow it folded but deploy and poke down range holes rapidly can’t be matched. In a defensive situation, I’d rather be armed with the High Point 'cause 10mm and 17" barrel.


Have a 9 and 45 HiPoint carbine. Like them both. Both have proven reliable and accurate. Looking at getting the 10mm at some point as well since it’s deer legal here in Indiana


Night stand holds the Glocks and the Ruger, the closet holds the bigger stuff, Rem870, Hi Point carbine and a really big surprise if the bad guy(s) get that far but I doubt it.


@TomT- sounds like good times await the bad guys…

@Dred- Can’t deny the Kel Tec is a nice weapon. For me, tho, the Hi Point works fine. I really on’t shoot a lot recreationally…I’m mostly focused on home defense. 9mm go with me on the streets.

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As there are only two of us in the house anyone else is fair game for what ever is handy.

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@TomT- I’ll be taking your house off my list…

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my first purchase was a hipoint .45 and I have a 40 carbine.
always like the hi point


Yes I do I own the 9mm pistol
So your not alone, me and brother
Both bought one just to see what a cheap gun was all about, it’s ok
The sights suck yellow and red
Just hard to see, had some issues with the mags at first and the trigger puts the hurt on my finger after a box of ammo .

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My first pistol was a used C-9. I would have kept it if it would have broken down easier for cleaning. Sold it, bought a Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm which breaks down very similar to a Glock design.

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@louie088- Yep, the takedown process is a mess. I havent tried it yet, but I’ll have to eventually to install my new trigger spring. I also have a G2, which is my regular carry weapon.

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The owner of my gunshop told me that the HiPoint was the “Rodney Dangerfield” in the world of guns – they’re ugly and they don’t get any respect. I have the 9mm pistol and carbine. The pistol has “heft” which helps mitigate recoil. The carbine also has some heft, is rugged, and utilitarian.

Can’t beat em for the price.

The heartbreaker: why not use the same mags in both guns???


I never cleaned my 45 because I read it was not necessary.
I have taken the carbine down and cleaned it. Not too difficult.