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Hi Point Bullpup Conversion

Has anyone tried the High Tower bull pup conversion for the hi point 995.if so what are your thoughts.I currently have an ATI stock on this carbine,


Yes, but plus a millimeter …

Link to post in “Newest Firearm”

I like it a LOT! I like it enough that it is likely to displace my Mechtech 10mm 1911 CCU. Further, I’ll likely be chasing down two 4595 owners that have built them into 460 Rowland HiPos. I also have a 460 Rowland CCU that that I’ll be willing to displace if the rechambered HiPos are surviving with the pressure dialed up.

I have considered grabbing a 995 to stuff a HTA stock, but that remains a maybe-might. I am still a trigger snob and all the M*CARBO bits in my Subie make it hard to displace. The Subie is light enough that the bullpup balance I love provides less advantage for a move.
FWIW, displacing the Mechtechs does not abandon them in the collection - for me it means they’d lose their dedicated 1911 frames but remain available to drive on the 1911 frames in my collection.

The HTA stock is solid, slick and IMO, it makes the HiPo into an outstanding carbine with a “serviceable” bang switch and limited magazine capacity. Redball 20rders work in the 995, but I’m not a fan of their jointed design or their excessive length. I have 30 rounds of 10mm loaded up, but that requires 3 magazines - not firefight friendly but I ty to avoid being shot at so …


Thanks for all the info , waiting for the MCARBO seer spring to lighten the trigger pull to 5lbs and I will polish all the connecting arms in an attempt to smooth out the trigger as much as possible before the install .also is the bottom rail long enough for an angled fore grip,magpull makes one that’s 4.7”


I will measure the bottom rail when I get home. I don’t own an AFG so I can’t test fit.

I have M*CARBO’s HiPo trigger spring. I will probably open it up and install it after my next range trip.


Great I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck with the spring and let me know what you think