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HI-POINT 4095 .40 SW Carbine

I bought a .40 SW HI-Point carbine a couple years ago.
Hi-Point Carbine Trigger Spring Kit [MCARBO] but the stock does not lend itself to add a QD strap.
I just bought the Weaver style side rails

I was thinking of add it to the stock- thoughts anyone?

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Side view



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Though about just the right side.

Just a thought, get one of those M Lok QD mounts, file off the tabs on the bottom, bolt to the flat of the stock. (right there where those pic rails are) You might have to drill a clearance hole for the QD post.

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Thank you
I will look to see how much room I need/have.

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One I have measures about 1 1/8" long and 3/8" wide.

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I gotta admit I have trouble understanding your end game.

QD sling mount in polymer? Buy the cups, drill the stock, epoxy cup into drilled hole. Worked a treat on the poly stock I wrapped 'round my little papoose.

I’ll try to get you a picture when I get home.

Also, you are welcome to my 1095ts stock if something goes wrong. I won’t be using it 'cause the springs just make my head spin.

Edited to add:
This is similar to the cup I used. Forend on papoose has a keymod cup to receive the other side of the sling.