Hi-Lux TD-3C: Is it a Tack Driver?

For any of you who might be considering an MRDS.



Hi-Lux TD-3C… where the new “C” designation means “Cool”.

Thank Howard! :+1:



Reminds me of the Holosun 507Kx2. Can the TD-3C use the circle only? I have found I use my 507K with the circle only, no dot. I agree with you that there must be a way to turn off the power down feature. Probably wouldn’t be a problem for daily carry as i doubt you would be perfectly still for 4 hours. When I go to bed my pistol is on the nightstand and if I hear that bump in the night 6 hours later I don’t want to be fumbling pushing a button to turn it on.
Do you know if it uses a glass or plastic lense? I’d like to see a report on this optic in a couple years to see how it has held up.


The lens is glass and there is no way to use a circle only reticle. I have been in contact with the manufacturer regarding the 4-hour shut down function. I was told they will address that in a future version of this optic. The current version was viewed more as an option for competitive pursuits. As you mentioned, for a handgun that is being carried, it really presents no issue so long as the carrier remembers to power up the sight before holstering the pistol.

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