Heritage Rough Riders

I received a 16" RR as a Christmas gag, I mean gift.
It’s very impractical but shoots okay. A little picky.
It doesn’t like the really old mixed ammo that I test with.
It runs Aquilla just fine. So I’ll stick with that in it.

Back to it being impractical, I’ve got a plan to fix that.
Heritage sells a stock and many other cool parts for it.
So I ordered the stock, 2 22WMR cylinders and other bits.
Then I ordered a 6.5" 9-shot RR to do some swapping.

I’m converting the 16" to a 9-shot 22LR/22WMR carbine.
I’ll post some pictures when I get it all back together.


Im sure you know allready but make sure to have your cylinders timed for the revolver there gonna be in. Yes a simple cylinder swap might work perfectly fine and safe. But if that timing is off just a hair it could be a very bad day for person shooting. To get a properly fitted extra cylinder most companies need you to send them the revolver.


The piece that times it is called the hand. Heritage used to sell them but no longer offer it.
Taking the cylinder and hand from the 9-shot pistol, swapping with the carbine.


I JUST fixed a 6 inch Rough Rider that I inherited off my dad. It never was working right, but I didn’t know how to get rid of it. Nobody would have bought it, and it wasn’t worth taking to a gunsmith. So I held onto it, I guess for the slight sentimental value. I did some research as of late and saw it’s issues were quite common. The spring hand in these things are, not surprisingly, very cheaply made. But, with the removal of 5 screws, it is easily replaced. And it’s a very cheap part (7.99)to aquire from Heritage. So now at least this thing works. And super clean internals to boot.


I just got my 6 shot hand from Heritage. I’m not sure about the 9 shot, but I’ll check it out.

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Looks like they only offer the 6. You obviously already knew that, but I figured I’d check anyway.

They don’t offer a firing pin assembly or parts either. So jack that thing up.

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