Here is some good news 📰

I like it. From what im guessing is the back looks like a whale shark opening its mouth to engulf some plankton and such. But it would be alot cooler with giant turbo charged v12 with maybe a lite alcohol fuel mix.


Agreed…it does have some sea creature appearance…as well as alien. So far it’s my favorite if it’s gotta have wheels and I wouldn’t change a thing…:sunglasses:


God forbid you curb them wheels! And you’re more than screwed if while staring at that landscape dash you pull out in front of someone and they T-bone you… Like that will ever happen. This is strictly a concept car and this is as probably as close as it will ever get to being driven on the street. I noticed it looked like it never got above 10-15 mph.


Looks like those tires would get great traction in snow or mud…:face_with_monocle::sunglasses:

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there’s a new sheriff in town…(well, he’s really the new AG) …and he’s kickin’ ass and takin names! Good news for Virginia!


Very interested to see what’s about to transpire in Virginia. Betting the liberal’s bungs are so tight right now they could whistle “Our Great Virginia” through 'em.

I’m imagining Bloomberg and Sorros spooning each other for comfort over the outcome as well… :grinning:


It is great news for Virginia. I wish they could have pulled a win in the Senate. It is still a 21 to 19 lib tard majority. :grinning:


I’m just waiting for the lib/dem crying to start over the new guv using EO’s to roll back some of the liberal retardation…though they had no issues when JoJo the Monkey Boy did it…

Same deal with the Senate filibuster. The lib/dems now want it eliminated so nothing stands in their way of ramming home $hit policies, but when the tables have been turned in the past, they used it to their advantage and cried foul when the opposition suggested eliminating it.


Not going to happen. Dems Sinema and Manchin have both said they will not support changing the filibuster rules now in place. Manchin has also made it clear he will not support cujoe’s build back broke agenda.


Never said it was, simply stating the irony and hypocrisy of the lib/dems stance. Allegedly, Senate Dems used it just last week regarding Ted Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 sanction bill.


Looks like Subaru is joining the EV race pack…:zap::zap::zap::sunglasses:


Here’s the word from the TOP….What really hit the Pentagon…and what didn’t…:face_with_monocle:
Patriot Missile cloaked? 🤷 :boom::boom::boom:


Yeah, because there is no road tax in that electricity.
Government plays a reverse Robin Hood to steal from poor people (that can’t afford a Tesla 3) to give subsidies to people that can afford one.


If CRT Is Not Taught In Schools, Why Are Dems Pissed Youngkin Just Banned It? (



Ugh! No!


If there’s extra scraps, I’ll have him fashion me a wallet that turns into a briefcase when you rub it… :grinning:

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A year ago, Sportsman’s Warehouse entered into a merger agreement with Great American Outdoors, parent company of Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. Effective December 2, 2021, that merger agreement was terminated. We at Sportsman’s Warehouse are excited to continue operating as a separate, independent and publicly-traded company (NASDAQ: SPWH).

As we enter 2022, we look forward to continuing our strong growth – adding more stores, improving, and expanding our product assortment and services. Our mission to provide outstanding gear and exceptional service remains unchanged.


Seems like their should be some kind of statue to charge for individuals for endangering the six rescuers that put their life in danger due to stupidity of another dumb ass human.

Just my peaceful thoughts. But then I felt the same many years ago as a rookie.
It don’t always end this nicely for them.

Larry :innocent:


That was about like a death wish sounds like to me.

I put on my Black jump suit and warm hood…man it really keeps the head, neck, and back warm. :grin:

Did some shoveling …and lost the darn Subaru keys in one of the mounds I made…:rage::rofl::rofl::rofl: Not that I’m going anywhere on the roads for a few more days…or longer.

High wind gust so far 52 MPH

Glock in the snow: