Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle

Purchased the .22 LR Henry Survival Rifle. Could not mount my NC STAR dual optic to the rail on the Henry. Ordered a Haga Defense, AR-7 rail mount adapter and it fit nice and snug. Mounted the optic and the cheek weld disappeared due to the increased height of the new rail and scope. Any suggestions other than going to my local gunsmith to make changes?


Two choices.

Build up the stock until cheek weld returns. Basically make a bump out of foam and wrap with duct tape. Material choice doesn’t really matter.


buy shorter rings or shorter mount for the optic.

I have a wee bit of experience with the Henry AR7. In my case, it did not make it in my collection. I sold it off before I found aftermarket barrel suppliers. Factory barrel was 'bout minute of man at 25 yards. That is an exageration, but I promise I wouldn’t be the one placing a head shot over 10 yards - definitely a center mass POA type kit.

@GOBLIN has built one that shoots. Hopefully, when his health returns, he can share an AR7 success story. In my case the sweet spots in that class are my Marlin (fanboy) Papooses and Browning (fanboy too) SA22s. My 10/22 takedown was also rehomed, so I ain’t your regular type rimfire dude.


I have one, got it for a steal at my LGS.
It does what it was designed for. It’s a bug out gun that I keep on my boat.
The Browning SA 22 is the best out there as a take down .22 rifle. A beautiful rifle and one I’ll never part with.


Thank you for your great feedback. I did contact Henry and they have an adapter that is lower. Unfortunately, they are always out of stock. They will email me when their adapter becomes available.

Thanks Dred for the info. I’ve contacted Henry and they will email me when they get their own adapter that sits lower on the receiver. When I get the Henry adapter, I may switch the NC Star Dual optic to my Keltec Sub 2000 Gen 2.