Help with my Charging Handle Installation on Sub2000 2cdGen

I bought the two-finger charging handle for my Kel Tec Sub2000 2cd Generation and I got the spring pin installed okay to insert into the charging handle. I attempted to reassemle but I now can not bring the charging handle back and I don’t know what the problem is exactly. I have no idea. Can someone please help? The bolt assembley is corrtectly oreinted as far as I know. I just can’t tell what the problem is.

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More facts please. Does the charging handle move at all? Does it fail to pull back to lock?


Had a similar problem. Turns out hammer was fliped up. Had to use dowel to reset and then worked ok. The video at M Carbo helped


I will defer to others with more experience, but it sounds like the spring pins are not fully seated in the charging handle. It can be a bit “fiddly” getting everything right. The CH has to be the correct depth and the pins have to be properly aligned. Try rotating and pulling the CH. If it moves, the pins are not seated and that extra depth will prevent fully retracting the bolt. Also, check that the hammer is cocked as suggested by @Bob1noxs. It is important when breaking the Sub down that the hammer be, and remain, cocked.


The Hammer was cocked and needed to be manually released. That solved the problem. I do feel that your advice about getting that pin seated correctly in the CH is critical as well. Now I have the problem in which the gun functions fine except now the charging handle does not rest in the catch now that is designed to keep the ejection port open. I had a buffer in it at one point and accepted this as just matter-of-fact. But with.out a buffer spacer installed now I’m attributing this to the increased length of the recoil spring due to the locking pin.

I painyed the sling attachment and the charging handle on Brownell’s coyote tan Aluma-Hyde II. I’m pleased so far. It probably needed another coat. Magpul vertical grip on the front precipitated by an Olight Baldr weapon light.


Glad you got it fixed. If the pin is properly seated, the bolt should retract all the way to lock with or without a buffer-donut. The recoil spring is not materially lengthened with the locking pin. I have heard rare reports of an oversized buffer but that is not likely. If the bolt will not retract fully, you still may want to further examine the pin seating. Good luck.


Gotcha. I guess that makes it sense that the recoil spring would not be lengthened by the locking-pin. My next best guess is that I have seated the pin on the wrong side of the CH. I tried to make sure that wasn’t the case. Thanks for your input. I will continue to trouble shoot.