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HELP: Sub 2K stripped front sight

I stripped the front sight barrel threads while tightening lock nut on the front sight. It’s really a much longer story. Suffice it to say I’m on about day 9 of installing the muzzle brake before this happened with 2 orders and shipments from mcarbo. I’ll call them tomorrow. I really have 2 questions.

1 - Is there anything that can be done to salvage my current set up?

2 - Will the Red Lion folding front sight fit with the mcarbo muzzle brake? It looks like it has an adapter and fits with compression instead of threading it on.


you stripped the threads on the barrel or the threads on the locknut? pic of damage if you can.
my gen one RED LION muzzle brake and front sight assy is compression…


If you stripped the threads on the front sight, a replacement is $60 on Keltec’s site:
S2K-1525 Front Sight Assembly * 2nd Gen * - KelTec (keltecweapons.com)

If the threads on the barrel itself are stripped, it must either be rethreaded or replaced. I didn’t see a replacement barrel on Keltec’s web site - you should contact them and see if they are available. Here’s a place that rethreads:


Thanks for the help. I am hoping mcarbo has one they’ll sell me. It will just be easier than sending it off to be replaced or rethreaded. I am hoping I can figure out how to get the lock nut on. Then I’ll spring for the Red Lion front sight.

I wasn’t even pulling that hard when it stripped. Ticked off doesn’t cover it. The blasted sight moved the first time I tried to put the muzzle brake on. So, I bought some rocksett and a new crush washer. I put everything back together including the brake. However, I had adjusted the sight too far back and it wouldn’t fold. I took it all apart again and got everything correctly aligned. The SOB stripped when I tightened the lock nut this time.


sight could be shaved to sink back, run a Die nut (thread chaser) over the barrel threads shave the crush to gain a bit more i cant tell by the photo but it looks like the nut stripped onto the barrel… what does the nut look like?


The nut looks fine to me. Do you know the pitch of the larger threads?

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pretty sure they are 9/16 X24

Allright. Here’s an update. I decided to just send it back to Kel-Tec. They said that because I opened it and installed the MCARBO parts the warranty was voided. I thought about that and it kind of ticked me off. Then called back to clarify and make sure I understood what the problem was. He said anything outside of the normal cleaning process voids the warranty. It’s not the end of the world. I was just surprised by the $150+ dollar charge. When I called before sending it in I was lead to believe it wouldn’t be more than $40. It just leaves a bad taste. I guess buyer beware when upgrading the gun. Thanks for the help all.

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This is NEW. First I’ve ever heard of Kel Tec refusing to cover a firearm for the original owner.

@ChrisNelson … please let us know if KT has dramatically altered this policy.


@Dred That is certainly not the Answer we were looking For!
Hopefully it’s a case of the Person at Tec Line Speaking from his A** and trying to blow the Customer Off,and not up to Par’ on Procedures and Policies, Why they even would say that Once, Let alone repeat it, And Cut their Own Throats.
This Falls Into Where are all the P17’s and the PMR 30’s ? It’s been Over a year since they have been Out on Shelves for Purchase.