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Help Reassemble SUB2000

So I’m doing the Trigger job myself, and so far ok, until I get to the extended mag release. Trying to put it together and when I pull the magazine out it all falls apart. Anyway, help??:tired_face:

Yes that’s blood on the trigger bar, from restringin’ springs fifteen miserable times!!

Explain better please

Also why is your front end completely separated from the lower?

Mag release doesn’t stay in, two grips don’t really come together

It’s not separated they’re connected

It looks like your front end is separated completely from the feed ramp forward. Try putting the mag release in with an empty mag in and then put the lower halves together.

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It’s just folded. That’s what I been doing. Frame by frame with the video.

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Oh nm it’s folded haha. I’ve had a few beers and i never fold mine. My bad my blunder.

Ultimately is the mag release held in by the two halves coming together?

Not necessarily. I put my release in with no mag all the time.

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It should hold in place and then sandwich the two halves together. Is your mag release spring in place?


Spring is in place. If I can figure this out I’m almost freakin done!! I’ve assembled/reassembled the hammer springs and trigger assembly half dozen times now, expert at that. Now this. FARK! There I said it

Put everything in place, feed the release through the hole, it should sit flush, then place the two halves together and the square portion of the mag release should fall into place with the square hole in the frame. Make sure sear and hammer spring aren’t preventing frame from closing.

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If you’re still having trouble tomorrow, I’ll post a vid of how I do mine.


Thanks! But it’s in pieces again and my fingertips are toast from multiple spring stabbings. And yes I had multiple spring fly offs which I found luckily each time. I really thought I could do it, was really hoping to have it come together. Noop. Defied me like a mug. Not sure my next move, but for now I gotta bond in Virginia City. I’m out.


In the picture from your opening post, I can see that the hammer spring is not seated correctly. You need to ensure that both legs are secured by the pin the spring leverages against.

Regarding getting the mag release located, Kona does it the much harder way. Drop your mag onto the lower grip half and use the mag to help support/locate the release when you are replacing the second grip half. When you get the grip halves to click together, the mag can be pulled out of the way.

Finally. when you get back to it, add a flathead screwdriver to your kit. Use it to push on springs that will otherwise reopen your wounds.


@Dred hey hey I was gonna show mag/sans mag way to do it haha!


Another Fine Tool for the Gun room is a couple of Dental Pick’s.


Go to the MCarbo Website … Look up the trigger kit or whatever part you want to install … scroll down the page to the video and watch it …


The rear spring under the trigger bar is not seated correctly, You CONSTANTLY need to reseat that spring, as it will not close up as you have it currently. Watch the video and follow the steps, it really helps.

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