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Help needed - Christmas in Germany

Hi guys,

I´m in trouble over here in Europe.
I´m the owner of an CZ P09, a very rare gun in Germany. It is very uncommon, to get a license over here for a gun. Yes, you read right, you need a license to buy one. You can only purchase 4 guns per year. It is hard over here, probably worse than California.

Since the owner community of the P09 is so small, there is no chance in whole Europe, to get the MCARBO trigger spring kit for this. MCARBO itself does not ship to europe, which I fully understand. Shithole all over…

By any chance, is there someone over there in the godblessed USA, who is taking my money and buy that springkit for me and send it over here? Of course I pay all additional transportation fees and of course I do that via PP Family and Friends or bank transfer, before YOU have to pay anything.

Thanks in advance and happy thanksgiving!


@BlackBull Greetings Pascal… what are the laws surrounding importation of firearms parts and accessories?
I have sent parts to others outside the U.S. that are in the firearm community. I did it as a favor, not for profit. Both times it was totally legal. The real issue they both had was that the retailer/ wholesalers/ manufacturers do not ship out of the U.S. for various business reasons (taxes, tariffs, cost, regulations, transportation, import / export ignorane of the laws, etc). It’s not that they can’t ship, it’s simply that they choose not to.
Question… if a package was sent to you and import authorities opened it and found a trigger spring kit … are you or the person sending it breaking the law? I am obviously talking about parts and accessories, not firearms.



thanks for your reply.
There is no surrounding laws according to springs, followers, gastubes, whatsoever.
The import of receivers, slides and bolts, barrels, magazines and so on is strictly prohibited.
The MCARBO springkits are legal in Europe, and some retailers also sell them. But not the one for the P09, because there is no need for it due to the very limited endusers. And of course it is for the full measurement of taxes, shipping fees, additional costs.

As the receiver of the package, I would take the full risk. German authorities do not even take measures against drug senders from out of Germany…
If we get into business, I would ask you to unpack the springs from the original blister and put it into a ziplock bag or anything else. It will just be some springs. No one asks for the enduse, but, what is more important, nobody asks for the price.

If you´re still willing to help me, I would prefer to get this into personal message :wink:

Thanks in advance and hope to read you soon!


I have sent car parts to S Korea and Dubai for friends and paperwork
was the biggest problem. The shipping address section was written
to send goods next door not across the ocean.


Sales and trades not allowed outside of level 3.