Help me build a JTS M12AR B-1

Hello out there!

So I placed my order for the JTS M12AR B-1. Now they have the AK which I’m sure y’all know and then they have the AR with a pretty sweet hand guard attachment. I have always loved my shotguns and these new AR styles are fun and functional. Now my wife decided she was gonna shoot my Boss 25. Needless to say that is no longer my gun lol! So I had to get another one. I decided on a super basic model to rebuild start to finish and see how and where to find upgrades, issues, and good points. So I am wanting everyone to pitch in. Hit me up with links, pictures, anything you can find. Each week I’ll pick one persons idea within reason y’all, and get it done. There will be pics and a good ol shoutout then once complete we will do a video side by side comparison of the Boss 25 vs. JTS M12AR B-1! Should be a good time! Below is a pic check it out! Gun arrives Friday the 27th!



I would swoop up one of JTS’ hand guards.

Coat that bad boy in your favorite flavor and go to town!


Outstanding! 10 points for you my friend!