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Help for a Brother/Sister


Our friend @ENTroPicGirl - Elle - must have surgery again tomorrow. She’s very reluctant to ask but she needs the Brotherhood’s help and started a GoFundMe for donations. Please give whatever you can.


@phuzzy42 I’m On it Thanks Steve! That was too Easy to help Our Sister Out


Hoping all the best on the surgery and speedy recovery.
I made a donation today for Elle, thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Good news - Elle emailed me and she sounds like things went relatively well. She’s exhausted, of course.

She can still use all the help we can give. I know times are tough, but if you can, please donate to her GoFundMe, If you can’t, no problem but keep her in your thoughts. She’ll be back when she starts feeling better.


Thanks for the Update! :+1:


they cut out the infection and re-stitches the areas that wouldn’t heal. The scar actually looks better at least what I can see. This time it’s all covered in a film and there is a portable wound vac that keeps it clean and sucks away the gross stuff. Ronaldo is the best I can hope for at this doesn’t work they going to put me in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber if that doesn’t work well we don’t know where we go from there but they promised me they will do all they can to not take it above the knee.

Thank you all for your assistance. I finally could pay some bills to keep my phone on and food and even had the deposit needed to start the process of having crutches made for me. Nothing fancy no special colours just titanium for arm crutches with special slip resistant ends and optional ice spikes, cause I live at 7k feet and winter will be here soon Very soon.

Anyways I thought I give you an update when I was still semiconscious, Oh and that reminds me I was finally able to get a proper amount of pain pills I can’t tell you how nice that isn’t Trying to ration what Medicaid would pay for meant that I had to be in pain pretty much 24 hours a day seven days a week unless I just took Benadryl on so I passed out then I woke up in pain. Because you guys help me I can finally sleep at night and that’s really awesome so freaking awesome thank you.

Hugs and love to you all

Btw this is the portable wound vac, Hard to imagine just 140 years ago I would have had a 23% chance of surviving an amputation, behold the wonders of western medicine.


I’m glad things are starting to look up. I’m familiar with pain and I’m sure many others here are too. Get some rest and heal fast.


Hope for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted on how your doing! Sent what I could towards you. Get some rest, but stay active (helped me when I blew out my knee, and helped to keep me sane).



I’m staying just active enough to not loose to much flexibility but being cautious of the new stitches. I can’t afford to tear them again. I’m just happy I’m not back in the cast or a brace are used to hate that brace to use for knee surgery do you have to keep it completely locked out for nearly a month and a half at least that’s what they did with mine. I am not looking for knee surgery again, hope yours took the first time and you don’t have to do it twice.

They use And Achilles tendon from a and Achilles’ tendon from a cadaver to do your knee?


That’s good to hear, yes please be careful not to tear those stiches. Yes I too hate that damn leg/knee brace with a passion. Mine did take the first time fortunately, well my knee was a bit different then normal Achilles tear/damage, I actually blew out all 4 minusciuses and ate the cartilage on the back of my knee cap. They couldn’t do anything with the knee cap, but they somehow reattached the minusciuses.

First day of pt I was strapped into a auto bender. I have never screamed or cried so much. Pure pain. Any who, I hope you have a speedy recovery. We’re all here to help ya in any way we can, and to lend an ear if you just want to chat.


I had to share this cause i think it’s about the coolest. Technology like this is what’s helping reduce pain from swelling and inflammation along with reducing infection wasn’t that long ago that the mortality rate was so high there’s a greater chance you’re gonna die than live.

Anyways I thought I would share this with you because this same technology is finding its way into the bags of field medics. I’m hoping that I get to keep the device when it comes off cause it’s certainly gonna make a great addition to my go bag.


everybody should have one of those friends do you know a friend that says grossly inappropriate things that make the entire room turn and look at you. The one that has no sense of decorum when it comes to things like let’s say making jokes about having a peg leg. Basically what I’m saying here do you life is in complete unless you have that one friend who make sure that you don’t take your self or life too seriously. And on that note here is the first of I’m sure many Memes that will be text messaged to me in the years to come. Hope you all enjoy, f ya know any home jokes yourselve Do you feel To post it here or if ya like message it to me if it’s outside the boundary’s Of what’s acceptable in forum.

Make me laugh guys😊



@ENTroPicGirl If you insist… I kinda took it as a challenge. I made this just for you Elle. I hope it brings a smile to your face. It took as long to make this meme as it took to drink a large glass of wine. Lol.

Get better… I am 100% certain that with your attitude this is just a speed bump in your life.
~ Brian


Wait! Is that a bump stock?!?!


Elle’ That is Cool, Better than the Univac System for Brk Systems :rofl:
Glad your Feeling better, and that you got Some ‘‘Fun Tickets’’ to help you out on Sleep,and Other Needs.


My uncle had that wound drainer thingy (what ever it’s called). Keep it if you can. Ok if it’s jokes you want.

What song does a one legged woman sing?

All we need is someone to lean on.

I’m trying to think of a amputee joke

…but I’m stumped.


Last night I had a lovely mixed salad of “fun tickets” plus a Benadryl cause this vacuum bandage itches like a thousand mosquitoes. Last night I closed my eyes at 11ish and I just woke up an hour ago. Quite literally the first night sleep that I slept all the way through. No twitched or cramps and these days that’s all I can hope for, OK not all I can hope for I’ve always wanted a vintage Porsche 911 and world peace will be nice but for now sleeping through the night is the second best thing.

And yeah I don’t think I’m gonna be using my Mityvac on my wound, However the Mityvac is really awesome for spider and mosquito bites.



The vintage 911 will be easier to get. Growing up my friends stepdad had one of these, always liked it.porsche_911_carrera_2.7_coupe_with_ducktail_option_26


Back in the mid 90’s I bought a GTV6 that was turbo charged, I regret not buying that and not a naturally aspirated air cooled 911 instead. I always imagined I would buy a Porsche 911 when I reached 45 now I’m 45 and I can’t shift one even if I could buy one. I think I quite literally went the opposite direction driving around a ‘01 XC70 Volvo. Priorities you know it’s an automatic all-wheel-drive turbo charged battlewagon. It’s cool and it’s own right but still no 911 Carrera.


Just had my appointment to take the vacuum bandage off scar looks hood but 2 troubling spots above it. Spot 1 has a fluid sack under the top layer and the other has some white stuff on it. I used alcohol pads and left them there for 15 min or so then I mixed up some salt and distilled water in a shot glass, with a quick flip I flipped the glasses upside down and held them there for 15 minuets.

Bacteria have a hard time surviving extreme shits in PH using high consent ration of salt sometimes does the trick. After removing the shot glasses with salt water I let it dry on it’s own. You can see the salty deposit on the skin. Hopefully this works, I’ve had MSRA repeatedly through out my life and while I don’t know ow what this is m not taking a chance.

If anyone else knows other techniques of dealing with possible infections do tell.