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Help assembling sub 2K

Just joined the group and having difficulty assembling my newly purchased Sub2k. The bolt doesn’t seem to go in far enough to reassemble the stock to the bolt tube. Any tips to get this back together will be greatly appreciated.


Look at sub 2K cleaning videos. You’ll need to stick a rod, screwdriver back to reset the trigger.

Before cleaning or messing with the stock, you need to cock the weapon and then put on the safety.

Sorry, phone text and can’t lookup references. You’re not the first with this problem!


See the posts in this thread.


What he said, the hammer/trigger needs to be depressed down fully using the dowel (if you bought the complete kit) or a screwdriver as suggested.


If the hammer is already cocked, the bolt often still doesn’t want to easily slide over it. Mine doesn’t, so I slide the bolt in far enough to put the charging handle in it, then “vigorously” slam the bolt forward so it goes over the hammer. This doesn’t hurt the firearm - that bolt slams a lot harder every time it’s fired…

The comment about putting the safety on when removing the bolt is 100% correct. You can recock the hammer if you accidentally pull the trigger with the bolt out of the gun but it’s a PITA and you probably won’t forget that safety from then on.


The hammer was not the problem. The bolt was just not going down the bolt tube far enough. I still have the OEM funky operating handle and was concerned about snapping it off if I applied too much pressure. With the gun being new and not even fired yet, everything is still pretty tight. By raising the bolt tube 90 degrees to my work bench and just dropping the bolt down the bolt tube gravity helped in pulling it into the correct position. Everything now is back together and appears to be functioning OK.
The reason I took it apart was to install a MCARBO recoil buffer and bolt tube cover.

I spent twenty years in Aviation Maintenance for a major airline and another twenty years with the Federal Aviation Administration before retiring. I’ve also spent many years tinkering and building old cars. I consider myself a fairly decent mechanic and somewhat embarrassed about initiating a call for help for such a simple issue.

About two years ago my Grandson started telling me about the Kel Tec Sub 2000 but with all the complaints about the Gen 1 I was hesitant to purchase one. After hearing about the Gen 2 being much more reliable, I jumped in and bought one. I also own a Kel Tec P32 which has never missed a beat I hope my Sub 2000 will do the same.

Thanks for the prompt replies by those who offered comments.


@kygman Most of us have had that moment of panic, then relief followed by embarrassment. I too use the gravity method.


As do I, and I’ve had the stock bolt handle break on me but but that was stress after firing several thousand times. I think it’s covered under warranty, but if not, it only costs $6.75.

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Not meaning to push a product but I’ll push a product: I just installed their Sub2K upgrade kit + buffer + recoil reducing handle into my Gen 2 40 S&W variant and this thing went from a “Jam-O-Matic” sows’ ear to a smooth running Silk purse. I can’t recommend it enough. And considering your background, this shouldn’t offer any challenges to you. Their installation video is terrific as usual.