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Hellcat trigger

Has anyone combined the M carbo Spring kit for the hellcat with a hyve trigger or Apex trigger? And if so how did it work? Thanks


A fellow shooter has a Hellcat that he had someone install Apex stuff in. I wasn’t at all impressed, but, never pulled the trigger on a stock Hellcat.
I have 2 Sig 365s
It seems like most people on the internet claim their trigger pull is too light, at about 5#
Both of mine were in the 8-9# range, until I installed Mcarbo spring kits in them, and I can shoot them much more accurately


I just put the mcarbo spring kit in my HC … I really like it but was wanting to add a new trigger as well…you can adjust the hyve trigger to your liking. Or just wait for mcarbo to restock and buy from them … my wife has the 365 … and I really like that platform too… both are definitely great Edc guns

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I never read of anyone complaining that the factory Hellcat trigger pull is “too light”.
If they are scared of 5.5 lbs, they should get a pistol with additional “safety” lever. Or not carry at all.
IMO the holster, that covers the trigger, is the actual safety.