Hellcat trigger pre-travel adjustment procedure

I just installed the Hellcat All in one upgrade from M*carbo. I was unclear on the proper adjustment of pre-travel with the set screw and Allen wrench. I think it is meant to be adjusted in conjunction with the small fixture that ships with the kit. The trigger looks and feels nice but can anyone advise on the use of the set screw & jig?


Hello, we have been receiving a lot feedback for an installation and adjustment video to be made for the hellcat trigger. While we wait for our marketing team and @ChrisNelson to develop the video, I will be making an installation video for the hellcat trigger and how to adjust it within the week. Will post the link here and upload it to the website product page too! Thank you for joining the M*Carbo Brotherhood.


I would also appreciate that video. Thanks @ChrisNelson.


Installation Video has been posted on the Hellcat Trigger Product Page:
M*Carbo Installation Video