Hellcat Flat Trigger not resetting reliably - Advice Please!

I just installed the Hellcat Flat Trigger Mod-2. When firing, the trigger doesn’t reliably reset, sometimes even after doing a hard rack of the slide. I have adjusted the trigger to allow more travel on the pull, but it continues not resetting often.

My original trigger has a lot of travel, so my purpose for this one is to clean that up and take some of the grit out of the pull. Hopefully some of you nice internet people can help me work this out? Thanks!


I think I just had to keep loosening the trigger travel screw even more. It seems to be working but I will put some more rounds through it and keep testing.


I would take a look into if the sear spring is assembled correctly. Happened to me once the same issue and it was the spring wasn’t seat correctly. Hope this helps!

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