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Heavy bolt availability

Why is the S2K Heavy Weight Bolt perpetually out of stock!!! Did KEL-TEC discontinue sale of that item? been trying to get my hands on one for years!?


Keep trying. I have one which was in stock when I decided to grab it in early 2020.


Very nice, got my nib .40 m&p variant back in 2017 for 340$ been building her up since, looking for that final piece of Résistance (Heavy bolt) but it is harder to find than a PS5!


So I lit a fire and now S2K Heavy Bolt’s are back in stock go grab one :grin:


For what it is worth, I did not see a major difference in felt recoil after installing the heavy bolt but it did make the recoil less “snappy” than with the OEM bolt.


I bet, it’s just an oz lol but still has its advantages, regardless, anything to alleviate the cataclysmic pressure on that solid polymer


You could drill it out and fill it with lead and/or use a stiffer recoil spring. The firearm itself is too light to absorb a lot of recoil - it’s just gonna bounce. The rubber butt pad mentioned in another thread helps keep actual bruising from happening.

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I love mine !!! bought in 2018 I do believe !
I admit, I AM SPOILED :rofl:

Here are the weights.

Read about what I think is the most SMOOTHING of the FUNCTION treatments to the S2K the sear/hammer/bolt/weight. To make it more accurate.
See the tread polishing ETC

Could it be the brass recharge bolt, rebounds “softer” than the steal bolt.
I will go shoot the S2K Frankenstein tomorrow.

Here is my .40 S2K at 25yd today. I will be posting it in the proper place later


So nice to see the product with measurements, thank you @Turmeric ! I will definitely be checking that out. The S2K still has evolutions to go, I was thinking, with the buttpad, iron buffer, cherry Lifesaver, heavy bolt, and the recoilless charging handle would mitigate alot of vibration on that ass. + all aluminium grips and forend… :raised_hands:


The Red Lifesaver,and the buttpad do Help’ :+1: