M*CARBO Brotherhood

Happy And Safe Veterans Day

To all the Vets out there . Welcome Home and thank you for your service to our country


right back at you as well brother, Welcome Home…


Yes to All my Brothers and Sisters Thank You ! Especially!! All the Fine one’s that I have gotten to know! In this Great Brotherhood of M*CARBO Thru this ‘‘Great Site’’


For all those that don’t mind hearing it from a non-veteran:

Thank you very much for your service to our great country!



Why would ANYONE mind a ‘heartfelt wish?’ Being sensitive to mankind is a virtue that should NEVER be overlooked, my friend! Blessing to you and yours…:+1:



A while back, Johnksg complained that some people expressed their thanks to veterans, but were insincere about it. Thus, upsetting the veterans.

Certainly, I don’t want to upset any veterans. In fact, I admire every one of them that served their country honorably. That is why I put in the disclaimer about “for those that don’t mind…”.


@JohnB I remember and ( I as a civilian ) also commented in that discussion.
I don’t believe @Johnksg was referring to those here, who are genuine in expressing their thanks and gratitude to our veterans, as being insincere.
It was an observation of “thanks for your service” as a phrase frequently used by the general populous, without consideration to the meaning it should carry.
Many say it ( not all ) because it is the “thing to say”, and that it is somehow all that is required on their part as a civilian and a free American.
He was pointing out that many people (and I agree) say it without having genuine sincerity and concern for how that soldier is really doing, or the true understanding of what that service has given them.

That’s not to say in any way, that we should not thank them at every opportunity.



Thanks for your comments.

FYI - I heard part of a speech that Trump was giving this week where he was talking about debt forgiveness that is coming now/very soon, for wounded veterans. I was cheering when I heard that because veterans, especially wounded veterans, have already given so much for our country that we should be looking for ways to thank them for their service and sacrifice. This is one of those rare occasions that I agree with the government spending more money for any new program.

Here is a link to one of the news media’s coverage of that:


@JohnB I couldn’t agree more. That is “putting your money where your mouth is” as it were, and providing something tangible that can be applied to, and affect the real everyday lives and situations of these vets. A use of our money I can approve of and I know is going to those that have earned it and are deserving.