Happy 10-22 Day All You Tandemkross Fans!

October 22, 2022

Tandemkross celebrates the date with some nice sales on 10-22 stuff and stuff for other guns as well.

Their big deal release today is the Manticore :giddy_guns: :fire: :firecracker: :heart_on_fire:

Nice collection of some good stuff for the 10-22 - you prolly have bits and pieces as I do but this includes:

IDK about the price tag of $349.99 - have not added the components separately yet but if you don’t already have some, I think it is very appealing (once it gets field tested a bit and people post reviews.)

Definitely has me drooling!

:ghost: :giddy_guns: :firecracker: :ghost:


For that price i wouldve expected binary option to be included…