HandyDave Strikes Again!

Our own @HandyDave just sent me a scabbard I had made for a young fella in the National Guard. He has a Mossberg Shockwave that will look great in this piece. I told Dave to go wild and boy did he ever. The detail in the hand carvings is amazing. Be sure to see @HandyDave for some outstanding leather work. I just wish he would make me some genuine ostrich cowboy boots. Sorry Dave I’m just new boot goofin.


@beezer wow! Awesome work @HandyDave Im still loving my EDC belt! Thank y’all both!


That scabbard is the first piece ive ever done that when it was gone i missed it. I wanted to make the young mans day when he gets the gift brain @Beezer got for him. Its a great show piece for the work i do and hopefully everyone who sees it will have to know where it came from. Theres 2 days of just hand carving on that piece. Then hours and hours dying and painting all the details. And the 6 round slide can be attached on sling across the chest or worn on 1 1/2" belt. I love what i do and im thankful for people loving the work as well. Im glad your edc belt is still holding strong @Kona and thank the brotherhood here for the kind words. Heres couple other pics of scabbard as it progressed.


I’ve been wearing my belt every day since June when he made it for me. It has held up better than any belt I’ve ever owned.


@Beezer same! It’s my go to belt! Never leave home without it


Looks great. Dave does great work.


I might add before some of the big eyes comes by these pics. The pic of back of scabbard that has a taped handle short shotty in scabbard is a cardboard shockwave model i made for the build. It is NOT a unmarked back ally trunk purchase. I glue the layers of cardboard together and use the electrical tape wound tight to get more of a rounded finished diameter. I know with this crowd it is just a matter of time before someone ask about the taped up sawed off in pics.