Handgun Marksmanship 101

A place for those that wish to share handgun fundamentals.


Shoot straight and tell the truth, to plagiarize. I mainly point shoot with my traditional ( non optic, non AR ) pistols. Works for me out to 15yds. I have been practicing at using the sights on my Beeman P3. Hard to calm down and shoot paper after a “lifetime” of combat pistolry. To be honest, I shot the 249 the same way.


Comfort is a big key. Find and be comfortable with a pistol that fits you hand. Many pistols come with multiple ways to change the grip. The pistol should “feel” like part of/extension of your hand.

Don’t go modding anything until you know it’s for you. When you do mods, change one thing at a time and take notes (mentally or physically) of any changes you notice. You may not like what happens!

Learn to control your breathing. This goes a long way to help keeping the hands steady.

Watch @Kona ’s videos for more lessons on the fly. Despite his movements, he usually always has a solid stance when he takes his shots which is another key.


I used to shoot a 1911 with a curved mainspring housing, then tried one with a flat housing,

ate crow, and changed over. Now I also have a P95DC with a ‘straight’ grip.

I like red front sights and plain rear. See target, acquire front sight, pull trigger, repeat as necessary.


@Thatoneguy all pretty solid stuff :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


One way to help check ypur zero, is to use a sand bag. Obviously, be careful to not shoot the bag. Had to do this when I converted my shield from 40 to 9mm. For some reason I was flinching hard. Could be from when my right hand was crushed a few years ago. Used a sandbag and bam, tack driver.

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