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Hammer Stuck Down And Will Not Release

If this has already been discussed then please direct me to the correct thread. I took out my get 2 sub the other day and on the 3rd shot no boom. After examination I found that my hammer is stuck in the down position. I field stripped it and had trouble putting the bolt back in so I used a wooden dowel to push down on the hammer. It seemed to go down farther and the bolt went in easily. After finishing assembly i put a snap cap in the chamber and closed the bolt. Trigger pulled with a very light click and hammer did not move. This finally brings me to my questions. I have all the mcarbo internals sitting in a box and was getting ready to put them in soon. Does anyone know what possible causes could make this happen. Also I am worried that iff I open the sub myself at this point to trouble shoot i could void my warranty. It would be nice to open it and fix it myself and install all my parts in one go. Should I send it to Kel-Tec or is this an easy fix that will not take much time or extra effort. My sub is a gen 2 glock 17 that was not affected by the recall just that give a little more information about which version I own.@ChrisNelson
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You won’t void the warranty. You could send Kel-Tec a box of parts and they’ll fix it free if you are, indeed, the original owner. Just open ‘er up and install the MCARBO goodies because that NEEDs to be done and you have them already anyway. Follow along on Chris’ very detailed long video on taking the whole thing apart and putting it back together. Maybe watch it all the way through once before starting. It’s not hard at all. I got mine back together and 100% functional on the first try. :+1:


Troy, please allow me to add my two cents to the ‘pot…’ This may also be a ‘helpful’ hint. During your disassembly, keep all of your parts in a chronological order and separate the ‘systems’ when doing so. Then you can reassemble the parts in reverse order. The meaning of systems will affect how deep you need to go into the firearm to repair it. You dont want all your parts scattered on your table and hindering your work space. When you are separating systems ie. all trigger components set asside, stock, buffer tube assembly, cocking handle,bolt, upper receiver (you got the gist!) You will be a DOCTOR OF ARMS in no time!!! Take your time. @Wedge is right to watch the video through once. Dont worry about hitting pause a few times! You will get it. @ChrisNelson is very thorough about the information in his videos. Most important, relax and have ‘fun’ with it… Heed one severe WARNING… Rebuilding firearms is a very ADDICTIVE HOBBY! Please be very careful where you place your wallet!!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Watching the disassembly / assembly video is a good thing to do . One thing I do especially on a firearm that I never disassembled before is to take pictures with my phone so that if you have a question on how a part was / is oriented you will have a picture of it.


Thanks for the input guys. I have watched the videos and I think I can handle the project. My worry is the hammer issue but I think I’m just going tear it down and see what’s going on.


Just did all the mcarbo stuff last night to mine. It wasn’t bad at all. had my laptop up and followed the video instructions exactly. Only part that gave me a little trouble was the hammer peg/spring and trigger bar lining up perfectly to snap the plastic back on. That might be where your’s is having an issue (?). At the very least, if you have all the parts, you should definitely be able to tell if something is off when doing those upgrades.


Did everything but install my muzzle brake last night. Still didn’t figure out why my hammer was stuck but seems to be fine now. The collar was loose and when I was reassembling there was almost no Loctite on it from the factory. Installation was pretty easy just had some trouble getting the grips to snap together. It took a few tries to get it right and then shot the safety detent across the room at a few hundred fps. Tested good and trigger feels great. Can’t wait to get it to the range.

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