Hammer Springs and Light Strikes

All Things SUB-2000!
The M*Carbo spring kit for the trigger was a great help, as before my trigger pull was beyond my trigger gauge, when shooting it felt like the safety was still on, finally the sear would let go.
When I put the spring kit in, I polished the parts as outlined in Chris’s video, and polished my trigger bar and the pins and pivot holes as well.
The pull came out at 4 lbs., a bit lower than I expected.

I still didn’t like the plastic factory trigger. When I had it on there I didn’t notice how rough the trigger pin was. After upgrading to a metal trigger, the pin went in roughly. I looked at it under magnification and the pin’s surface was pretty cratered. I polished it along with the hammer and sear pivot pins.

I thought I’d try the Galloway short stroke trigger for the Sub. It has adjustments for pre travel and overtravel via hex screws.
I like the trigger, it has less than 1/4" of travel now. When I put the trigger gauge on it , the pull was 3 1/4 lbs.

I was concerned about reliability but for a few weeks of shooting I had no misfires.
I got a couple last week, one was a Winchester NATO round (not too surprised, they probably have a Mil-Spec primer) and one was a Federal 115 gr. Champion.
Yesterday I had a couple more misfires, both were Blazer Brass. The primer indentation was barely there on all the brass on the ground. I’m surprised any went off at all but most all did.

I just put the trigger scale on again and it has settled to 3 lbs. even.
Gonna put the stock hammer spring back in today. I’m not sure how the heavier factory spring will play with the light aftermarket sear and trigger return springs, but I’ll find out.

I have a friend that does trigger jobs on pretty much everything he gets his hands on, CZ rifles, Glocks, Rossi levers, you name it.
He gets a nice pull by just polishing the stock parts. He improved the pull on the G17 that is the companion to my Sub, and just reduced the pull on a like new 50 year old 10/22 I bought from 8 lbs. to 3 lbs.
One thing he WON’T do is put a lighter hammer spring in. I usually follow that rule too, the Sub was an exception.
If my Sub’s pull had ended up at 5lbs., perhaps it would still be reliable.
I did too good of a job polishing ? Maybe. Too light of a hammer spring ?
For sure, when all it makes on a primer is a smear and not a dent.

Switching back to the factory hammer spring might not change the pull much but it will dent the primers harder.


Good thinking, best of luck, hope it works out.

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I just finished getting the Sub back together. I put the trigger scale on it and now it is 6 lbs.
So from 3 lbs. to 6lbs. by putting the stock hammer spring back in.
It’s for sure a lot harder to cock the hammer back after reassembly.
It doesn’t feel too bad though when I dry fire it. I’ll take it out to the range and see if I like it.

Pic of my friend getting ready to shoot my Sub last week: