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Hammer Not Locking

Hi…I am in the process of installing the full trigger kit. As I was assembling with the new trigger bar, I noticed that the end of the hammer pin is not seated all the way down in the notch in the trigger bar as it appears in the video. I went ahead and finished the assembly, but the trigger will not stay locked. Any advice? Thanks


@Steve2q Part #276 hammer pin will slide in and out of part #273 hammer bushing. The pin should protrude about .172" out of the bushing facing you. Make sure the hammer spring is installed correctly. Hope this helps.


Don…thanks for the quick reply. I found the problem…when I assembled it the 2nd time I saw that the trigger bar had slid off the sear. I was very careful to be sure it stayed in place as I put the grip back on. Now I have to wait till I get some replacement e-clips from KT…taking them off was the hardest part. The Armourers wrench supplied did not work, so I used pliers as recommended on another vid…one flew away!:worried:


@Steve2q Glad you found out where the problem was. For the “e” clips check at your local Ace Hardware. Take one and match it up.