Guns for Dummies

I’m thinking about writing a book with this title.

There’s a whole chapter on these abominations.


Wondering 'bout that pic. Think’n I might be one of your dummies, 'cause I love my NAA Holster grip 22mag.

It rides on the lip of my cargo pocket most days in the warm season. The last cotton mouth I encountered at work ran. I simply understand a charge was more likely. So 5 rounds of 22WMR Rat Shot makes me feel betterer.


All in fun. Hope you don’t take it personally.

I’ve had a couple of those tiny North American wheel guns over the years just for grins. There’s still one sitting in my safe. Interesting novelty but I don’t trust them in my pocket. None of them were the folder type like yours.

Everybody has seen those Secret Squirrel guns made to look like a cell phone. I don’t get why those are in any way necessary or useful.

Secret Squirrel as some may recall wore a bullet-proof coat, had a cannon in his hat and a machine gun cane that went “rat atat atat”

Even with the flipper/grip thing to cover the trigger, I don’t want that exposed hammer in my pocket waiting for the other stuff I jam in my pockets, catching the corner of a table or car door to end in a discharge. I get that you park the hammer in the slots between each round to make it safe. Others have sworn to me that works fine. I had 'em and after examining it don’t have a lot of faith in that system.

I also once had Bond Arms 9mm derringer, the now defunct two-shot Double Tap in both 9 and 45/410, and a Heizer single shot .223. I thought they were kind of cool as a novelty but as a useful firearm… I’d be kind in giving 'em all a 2 on a scale of 0-5.

Snakes… my go to is a 22 wheel gun with CCI snake shot. Or if I am on a hunt for cottonmouths and copperheads around my property sometimes a 410 Mossberg shorty - like a Shockwave.


This is out there.

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I’m a pool guy. Very, very few of my customers know I am armed on their property. I have no problem trading my professional services for libtard dollars.

So, concealability is important. I have a real gun on my hip when I’m not on private properties.

Just think it’s funny that you basically chose a facsimile of the pistol with the most hours in service for 2019, 20 & 21 as your first example. Yes, it’ll win 2022 too - it goes into service in March. And if I pull the trigger on the belt buckle holster this year I will be wearing it off duty sometimes.


Add this one…not sure what the category is anymore? :person_shrugging:


Don’t forget to add this one to the novel. I fell for this one…


OK. Now that’s funny. Hang on to that bad boy. You’ll need it when the floods come :slight_smile:


I’ve seen pics of that wacky thing that shoots two bullets with one squeeze. Don’t stick it in your pants!

I cant use a belt buckle gun. I don’t wear a belt anymore.

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Ridiculous and clever at the same time.

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