Gunbroker. If you want to be too broke to buy ammo

What is it with so many sellers on GB asking 20% or more above MSRP?

To their credit, Sportsman’s Outdoors and a few others have stayed with normal pricing. Gun folks are usually pretty savvy about prices. I’m surprised so many other sellers are doing this price gouging. My unscientific survey is their actions are ending more often with no bids or not hitting the reserve. So they re-list. I guess they just hope to find a sucker.

My loyalty is to sellers who set reasonable prices. I’m ok with a shop making a good profit. I won’t buy from price gougers.


I think this is exactly what they’re looking for, and with all the new gun owners, there’s bound to be a few by default. It’s not really their fault, mind you. All they know is they need/want a specific round for their new gun and they don’t have the benefit of historical ammo pricing knowledge for reference.

I suppose the takeaway there is, if you know someone who’s a new gun owner, maybe give the gift of some knowledge and help them out. Might just keep those gougers from profiting as much…


Not just ammo. Firearms too.

I have had pretty good service from Lucky Gunner and Target Sports for ammo. Occasionally Midwest USA and even Optics Planet has ammo on sale.

My latest ammo buy was direct from Fort Scott Munitions. Good price, quick ship and they dont stick it to you on shipping.


I’ve been getting some good ammo deals from Norma as well as Freedom Munitions over the past few months. I’ve picked up some from Midwest and Target Sports as well, mostly shotty shells and oddball rounds. A few years back I used Lucky Gunner frequently, but when the COVID hit the fan their prices went up and stock vaporized (for legit reasons) and they haven’t quite returned to former glory as of yet. Optics Planet has had some good deals, but for whatever reason they will not ship ammo to Maryland so no bueno.


One little tid bit ive learned from a guy i used to know. About the auction type sites and bidding on stuff. The seller will alot of times have a seperate account as to run the bids up. Then if item dont sell simply re post and keep going till you squeeze every dime you can. I quit using several companies in the past couple years because of there gouging practices. Cheaper then dirt was a company i used for over a decade for all sorts of stuff. But the way they started raping all there customers was my done point with them. Like has been said i understand theres a mark up for most businesses. If theres no profit then your out of business. But breaking it off in your customers so you can be a greedy sack of crap is a no go for me.


If all the sellers set a high reserve, no one gets any bids and sells.
If there are no reasonable, winnable prices/guns available over some given period of time, the buyers who have money to spend and find the one they want, will finally spend the inflated price to have it and be done. Sometimes their time is truly more valuable than trying to save the extra cost.

Or having to have it for ??? reason, at any cost.