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Gun Cleaning Tips


Yup, that will do the job ! do you have a narrow tip for the heat gun ?


Yup, I sure do. :+1:


They are handy tools when you can control heat volume and direct it ! Good evening, Scott.


You have a good one, too! :smiley:


@Turmeric1 Wait, I can’t find the narrow tip for my heat gun.


Well , can you find the deflector ? Hurry Hurry Hurry
@JohnKSG where the HELL was the RSO ?
Isn’t part of Range safety knowing your target and what is beyond?
I guess @Wedge does not have to worry about a dirty S2K thanks to @dave67 !!!
IMO, an ultrasonic cleaner might have worked better.


@Turmeric1 sorry good buddy the RSO was out shooting with his youngest son while the wife and son in law were shooting sporting clays and then spent the evening playing with his 11month old grandson!

I know it can be hard to do, many of us were raised to “never put a gun away dirty” but for the S2K all I do is pull the bolt group, spray it with Rem-oil while I am cleaning the bore. Then I carefully scrape the carbon build up under the extractor wipe down the bolt till it is dry and reassemble.

At about the 2000 round mark it gets completely stripped and dumped in the sonic tank.

IMO trying to bend toothbrushes, trying to clean all the nooks and crannies with a swab is an exercise in futility…

I don’t know if this occurs to anyone but the S2K wasn’t designed to be field stripped and cleaned beyond the bolt and bore.

Mainly because it does not need it!


How blessed can one BE ?
I know you get down every evening and thank the POWER for the blessing that have been bestowed upon you!!!
On Bended Knee (OBK)


Great product.their customer service is good.


Sounds like the freeze spray. You can get at the drug store or use to dry wet electronics.