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Gun Cleaning Tips


I ballistol and boresnake the barrel while hot, getting that essential job out of the way at the range. Q tip the chamber at the same time.Birchwood Casey gun scrubber comes in handy at tear down time.


It’s kind of a PITA to take it apart per say every couple hundred rounds to clean it.

Do you guys just take apart the rear end, fold it in half, and run a rod/cloth/brush through the barrel and clean just the mid section of the gun.

OR do some of you guys take it apart religiously & clean every couple hundred rounds? TIA.


I use a 12ga shotgun bore snake and pull it through the recoil tube from back to front. Works great. I’ve never taken mine fully apart just to clean it and I’m coming up on 2000rds without one single malfunction. IMO, it’s simply not necessary. The blowback design is stupid simple and very reliable. Mine was FILTHY inside the receiver when I recently took it apart to install the prototype trigger bar, but zero malfunctions! :+1:


@Cygee Check out the 2 topics on this forum. Lubrication For Sub2000 and Gun Cleaning Tips. Lots of good information here.


anyone use a sonic cleaner? I am thinking about buying one and would like to know if it’s worth while… they even have gun cleaning solutions specifically for sonic cleaner


Yes, I have. Mostly 'cause I have one. It was originally purchased to clean brass. I very rarely encounter anything provoking me to use it for gun parts. I did use it to mix my vape juice this afternoon.


I was thinking, with these people saying that their firing pin is sticking due to gunk in the bolt face, if you just throw the whole bolt in one of these things, wouldn’t it take that stuff right out of there?


There you go with that thinking. That might qualify as a rare occasion. Presently, I count 2 potentially stuck firearms on the entire interweb.


Stop poking holes in my excuse to buy more junk to pile up😝


Has anyone else out there used Amsoil synthetic gun cleaner and protectant? Bought some at a gun show and really liked it. Cleans really good and seems to clean up real quick after the next range session. Gun actually seems to see less powder fouling and will pretty much just wipe clean.
After a couple uses I was convinced. Bought a case of the cleaner/protectant and a case of their gun oil.


I use Lucas Contact Cleaner on my PCC FCGs (Sub2k, Stribog, CX4, MPX) followed by basic lube with a needle oiler in critical areas. In the bolt area, after a good cleaning, I applied Corrosion-X and cleaning since has been basically a wipe down. Blowback systems are inherently dirty so Corrosion-X or Eezox is a life saver. Just my 2 cents.


What you are doing in field stripping and cleaning. What you are asking is who to do a complete breakdown and cleaning. Unfortunately the only way to do this is to take it apart.


The only way to clean inside the trigger housing is to take it apart. This can usually be done in about 30 minutes, once you have done it several times. However this also wears on the Plastic parts.


How well does this really work. It might get a lot of the gunk out, but how much is still left inside the housing ? …


I have torn my Subs down several times to clean them internally. I started using Militec on all the metal parts, including the springs, and have noticed a slight difference in the amount build up inside the housing. I have not change the ammo that I have been using or shot fewer rounds, so I am assuming that the Militec has helped to cut down on the residue to some degree.


@DivaMarie ; Me also. Non-chlorinated CRC Brk cleaner.


The following is the result of a two year test:

The following is a report on gun cleaning solvents I have tried. The testing is at best is subjective. I conducted the testing by shooting the firearm and selecting a new cleaner which was looked at for ease of use and thoroughness. I put this out as a guide for our members which may save them time and money.

Tested Products:

Supplies tested:
Butch’s Bore Shine
Hoppe’s #9
Hoppe’s Copper Sol.
Hoppe’s Elite (Spray, Foam, Gel)
Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out
Shooters Choice
Shooters Choice Lead Remover
Slip 2000
Tipton Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent

What I found to be best for me: For general cleaning outside of the bore is M-Pro 7 For bore cleaning Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out (foam) and Tipton TRBS ( Truly Remarkable Bore Solvent).

What I found out is M-Pro 7 is good for removing carbon fouling. Good is Hoppe’s Elite and Slip 2000. Tipton TRBS is the best for removing badly fouled bores. Very Good is Sharp Shoot R Wipe Out.

For most of us the Sharp Shoot R Wipe Out will be the go to product for its ease of use and performance. Looks like shaving cream, Just spray in bore and let it work over night. Run a few patches through and your done.

For bores which are fouled with lead and have not been cleaned sense TR was president. The Tipton product is the way to go. A word of caution Tipton TRBS has the most health warnings and I am a little put of by them. R S


@RodSlinger Thanks for the info. Printed it out and hung it up on the wall in the garage behind my cleaning stuff. :+1:


Thanks RS. I’m gonna keep this handy too!:+1:


You guys are most welcome. R S